Sunday, September 13, 2009

Christmas Afghans

Today I've spent a little bit of time in my card room, but a few of my followers had requested a picture of the Christmas afghans I'm crocheting. I don't think any of the family look at my blog so it won't kill the surprise. Here are 5 samples, very simple patterns, with 8 to 10 skeins I think they make up pretty nice, it was also nice to find a good deal on some of the yarn at Big Lots, who knew, Big Lots would carry crochet/knit thread. The lighting in the picture is kind of yellowish, sorry for that, the colors are beige multi, black and tan, orange chenille, tan chenille, and multi autumn.
Thanks for being interested and viewing all my creative efforts,
Beverly G

1 comment:

blessedwithboys said...

Busted!! I can't wait for mine =)
They are beautiful!