Sunday, October 4, 2009

World Card Making Day

My friend Linda came over yesterday for a fun day of card making and boy did we have fun. We had decided to dedicate yesterday to filling our first box of cards to go to the Operation Write Home project, this is the new name for Cards For Heroes. We have been interested in getting involved in this for a while now and what a perfect day to start such a worthy project.
The first picture you see above are some cards Linda made yesterday, I'm posting them here, and clapping her, she makes some really fantastic cards and doesn't get the clapping she deserves.
The second picture is the card I'm going to use for my Christmas cards this year. In 2007 I purchased the Festive Christmas Card Set from the Paper Cut at the January Grapevine Stamp Show, pop over and check out their site, they have a lot of neat cards in shapes and envelops to match, you might find something you like too. There are 50 cards with the stamps and ribbon and every thing cut to make the cards. I just loved the stamp and the saying and these were going to be my Christmas cards that year, but the best laid plans sometimes go by the way side. I thought to myself what a way to share, so I decided to make 25 for Operation Write Home and 25 for myself, so I guess saving that project til now was what was intended all along.
Then to our surprise late yesterday afternoon our friend Cheryl came over for an early surprise birthday for Linda and to work on some invitations she was making for a friend. We noshed on sandwich, veggie, and fruit trays and had some gourmet strawberry cupcakes that Cheryl brought us. We were putting the finishing touches on our Operation Write Home box until 10 p.m.,we filled it with 68 cards, not to bad for a first box.It's been awhile since I've been in my card room and it was a really fun day and a fun way to be creative.

Thanks for viewing,
Beverly G

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Linda said...

Thanks so much for the "claps"; I always have fun making cards with you and being able to donate them to the troops to send back to their families and friends made it even more fun ;-)