Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Sons and One Grandson

These are my two sons--Jason on right 1st born, Nathan on left 2nd born. Gage is Nathan's son, my youngest grandson. They ride with a motorcycle group called Soldiers For Jesus and their colors are black and yellow. At Christmas they saw a scarf I had crocheted for my sister and they said boy Mom would we like to have 10 scarves for our group. I happened to have an easy scarf pattern handy and I have a large stash of yarn(by this time you already know I'm a craft maniac), so in the evenings I have been crocheting these scarves. Of course, Gage had to have one like the big boys.

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Beverly G ♥

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Monika Reeck said...

Nice Photo of your Sons Beverly...send regards from Muenchen to your sons....have a great day...Hugs, Monika