Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Premier Published

 Just Steampunk!     Scott Publications

Today you can hear me clapping all over the planet. Late yesterday afternoon I brought in the mail and to my surprise I found a white envelope containing this Premier Issue of Just Steampunk!.
I have learned over the last couple of years when I get white envelopes they are usually complimentary issues of the magazines I've been published in. So, when I opened this envelope and discovered it was the Just Steampunk! issue I started doing a very happy dance, then I had to calm down long enough to flip through the pages and see which of the projects that I had sent in was chosen. I couldn't believe it when I got to page 53, there was my Steampunk Puzzle Canvas on the page all by itself. I got a whole page all to myself. Talk about personal goals and dreams come true, to be included in a Premier Issue of a National magazine with some many other famous and talented artists and to get a page all to myself, but wait for it--when I calmed down again and started looking at the rest of the magazine low and behold there on page 93 was one of my cards, The Hands of Time. Well, if I was prone to fainting I would have, but you've probably realized by now I'm much more inclined to be one of the jumping up and down, shrieking kind of gals when good things happen.
Before I forget myself and get to big a head, I want to give a big shout out and THANK YOU  to all the staff at Scott Publications for the confidence in my art and say it's an HONOR to be included in your magazines.

Thanks for visiting and viewing,
Beverly G ♥


Netty said...

Huge congratulations Beverly, xx

Beverly S. said...

Congratulations, Beverly! Way to go!!!! I got my issue yesterday and I have two cards in the Steampunk issue....which surprised me as I don't think "steampunk" is my style. :) I struggled with those submissions. :)

Shar B said...

Huge congrats! That's fabulous! I'll have to find that mag!