Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stepping Things Up A Notch

This post is for all my loyal followers and any loyal visitors, and maybe anybody who's just passing through.
Since I made the cover and got the two page spread in the April Scrap & Stamp Arts magazine I've been mulling my artistic endeavors over. Hence, the title of this post.
I updated the picture on my blog today, but I still need to play with that some. It needs to be just a tiny bit bigger. I played around with the lighting on it today and I'm pretty pleased with that so far. There are some next steps that I feel I need to take and that will involve some computer work and fiddling with my blog and email addresses a bit, so consequently, my blog may be down for the next few days, possibly into the weekend.
This old gal is delving into some new territory, technical wise, so I hope I get it all correct and don't mess everything up.
Thanks for sticking with me. Will see you back on the grid in a few and hope to be back playing in challenges when I get all this taken care of.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

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Netty said...

Congratulations on being published. Good luck with the Blog, I find it a total minefield. x