Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wise Owl Canvas

This is a mixed media canvas that I have finished and will be sending off to my friend in New York state. Owls are reemerging as a popular trend again. But in all honesty who can resist a wise owl?
I've been watching a lot of Christy Tomlinson YouTube videos so I have to give her credit for inspiring me.
She has a unique style, her canvases are bright and cheery with a lot going on on them.
I've used papers, collage pauge, acrylic paints, spray mists, Faber Castell India Ink pens, stamps, and I know before I go any further I have to tell you that I miss spelled Ralph's last name and didn't realize it til I got the whole thing sealed. That's just going to have to one little quirk on the canvas that will make it one of a kind.
This owl stamp started life as 4 1/2" X 3" Stampendous stamp, but I blew it up 200%, colored it with Copic markers, cut around very close to the edges and collage pauged it onto the canvas. I traced the had 3 times onto black card stock, glued them all together to make the hat 3D, after all was sealed I added the bow tie and clock charm to finish the 3D effect.
I'm really liking fiddling around with mixed media canvases so you will be seeing some more in the near future. I found some Jolee's owl 3D owl stickers that I'm going to attach to 3 small canvases to go along with this owl just for fun. I also discovered this week how to make a pillow box look like and owl so my friend will be getting one of those in her package also.
So many cute and interesting things to make and just not enough hours in the day.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥


Bonnie Irvine said...

This canvas is just spectacular. Wonderful layers and depth to your background. I just bought that stamp a week ago because he is so fabulous. Great idea to enlarge him. Your friend is lucky...this is a wonderful gift!

Paper Squirrel said...

Very cool!

Thrift Peddlers said...

Beverly, Glad to see you finally got your canvas finished. It it a great piece and I love all the different elements you put into it especially the background.
:) Chris / CS Designs

Shar B said...

Incredible canvas! Love it!