Monday, December 31, 2012

Wishing All Well

I have no picture for you all today, but I wanted to get in a post on the last day of 2012.
Just a little catch up first--
I haven't been in my studio very much and almost none since my Mom fell on Nov 18th. Since we have been at the Doctors a lot. Fortunately nothing is broken, but she is still having pain even after an XRay, an MRI, and a giant steroid shot. I did have a lady coming one day a week to help Mom while I had a day out to play, but I have now had to hire her to come in 4 days a week to help me. Mom has had some adverse reactions to pain meds, which was a real trip and not a physcadelic one either. So my helper lady is my day time girl and I'm the night time gal. I have to give a big shout out here to all the people who work in nursing homes or take care of their ill and aging relatives. Trust me people that is a real gift. These past weeks have been very wearing, but I keep repeating a couple of little mantras: What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. And, Stiffen that backbone, look straight ahead, and keep steppin'.
I've got a few goals in mind for 2013 and I hope all you out there who make New Year Resolutions are able to keep them as the new year progresses.
I have gotten some Zentangles made over the last year and a couple of days ago I decided to mount them in a journal type book, I will decorate the cover later. Now they will all be in one place and not be floating in my studio.
2012 has been a very eclectic year for me. Lots of ups and a few downs, but it's the downs that make you appreciate the ups all the more.
I hope everyone has had a happy Holiday season and I want to wish you all the best and much Happiness in the New Year 2013 !!!

Happy Creating-
Beverly G ♥

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Bonnie Irvine said...

I'm so glad you posted. I've been thinking about you lots and was going to email you just to check in. Trying times, my friend, trying times. Hang in, Beverly. At least 2012 allowed us to get to know each other. Sending you a great big hug!