Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Birthday Bottle

I labeled this post as a Personal Challenge because this little project will be ongoing throughout the year. Not that you'll see any more of these, but the rest of our family and friends will be receiving these for their birthdays.
I'm continually amazed at what you find on YouTube. Apparently this was a big craze a few years ago. Sending empty soda bottles through the mail. Well, I say empty, but that's not exactly true. You cut a U opening in the side of the bottle after you have removed the label, stuff it with whatever you want that is mailable, you know they have rules. I am going to enclose a 3 X 3 card in my bottles along with some birthday stuff. I attached the label over the cut U opening and finished the whole thing off with some Duct Tape.
My BIL was the first recipient, his birthday is today, but I mailed it so he would get it yesterday, got a phone call and was he ever surprised and even though he's an old codger he got a big kick out of the little goodies stuffed inside.
Mailing and everything is under $5 for just a little something different and fun for people of all ages.
My card was created with all Stampin' Up products, except for the corner punch.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥ 


Linda said...

Super Duper Cool Idea!!! Have been missing seeing your creativity, but these look quick and easy to fit into odd moments while you handle life on life's terms...

Here's to a creative 2013 for you ;-)

Linda Coughlin, the funkie junkie said...

Hi Beverly, please email me ASAP at thefunkiejunkie@gmail.com concerning a weird email I just received from you saying you were stuck in Manila, Phillippines, got mugged, lost all your money and needed help getting back to the States.

Bonnie said...

Hi Beverly. I got one of those weird emails too. Probably everybody you had ever emailed got one. I sure hope it's not the case. Your email has probably been hacked. Maybe you can put a message on your blog.