Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cookie Tin Zentangle Box

 i am the diva CZT     Weekly Challenge #110-"Get Rid of the Box"

To say I'm late entering this challenge is an understatement, however, at the Diva's challenge you can enter the challenges anytime. I just won't be on the slideshow and that's o.k.
The challenge was to Get Rid of the Box. This was my largest Zentangle project to date. I decided to alter a cookie tin we got at Christmas and oh yes, it's empty. 
I kept track of all the tangles I did on the top: the very middle is a black circle, seed pods, Vibes, Doorknobs, Satellites, Jagged, Seminole Patchwork, the last ring on the outside looks kind of like topiary trees to me because I was trying to cover up a boo boo and there is still a slight boo boo on there, I know whose eyes will pick it out :-)
The tangles around the body of the box I didn't keep up with names because some of them are changed up. 
My friend Cecile decided she would like to take this one home with her for all her hair scrunchies. It's always an ego rush for someone to ask for your projects to go live at their home. 
Thanks to Laura for letting us enter the challenges after the deadline. I didn't realize this tin would take me as long as it did.
Now I'm off to do the next challenge since it will be just a 3 1/2" X 3 1/2" tile.  Of course, she chose another  tough challenge for me, we're to use the Mooka tangle. I'm going to have to watch the video a couple of 3 times and maybe a couple of 3 practices. Practice makes Perfect, or that's what my Grandmother used to say :-)

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

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Linda said...

WOW!!! I absolutely LOVE this--the recipient is one lucky person! The top alone is awesome; it would also serve as a really cool wall decor item ;-)