Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Zendala Dare #47

The Bright Owl     Zendala Dare #47-Losing It

For some reason my background came out looking kind of tan or pinkish to me. Still photo challenged, but always a work in progress.
This is the first week of the month and there is an extra part to the challenge, this month since Erin has started her new slimming plan she chose for us to lose part of the template. I'll post the template below so you can see if you can decide what part I lost:

As soon as I saw this template I thought of the Cootie tangle for the outside ovals. The strings with the black triangles were inspired by Joanne Fink. Another of the tangles is Florz, but I'm not sure what the flower looking one is.
Erin's challenge has truly inspired me to think outside the box. 

Happy Creating,
Beverly G ♥

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Anne's tangle blog said...

Beautiful!!!! I love the 'eyes' looking at you.