Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekly Challenge #116-Blind Sighted

i am the Diva CZT     Weekly Challenge # 116-"Blind Sighted"

Laura has challenged us to draw a string this week with our eyes closed and then fill in with tangles. This is my creation.
Since I'm relatively new to tangling I don't really have a favorite tangle and I tend to want to fill in every little spot with a different tangle. I try to make them kind of go together, but the whole thing about this art is to relax and let things flow. 
I tried to keep up with the major tangles I used in this one: Rick's Paradox, Polka dots, Barber Pole, Lettuce Farm, Seed Pods, Mixed Signals, Jelly Moon, In & Out.
I couldn't resist creating the little butterfly in the corner with Rick's Paradox. 
You've still got time to enter the challenge and click over to check out the other artists

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Zendala Dare #55

The Bright Owl     Zendala Dare #55
I came up with two versions of this Zendala template this week both started out with the same two tangles in the middle with just a couple of variations on the first one. 
The first version turned out with more black covering up slight boo boo's, but there are really no boo boo's because I think those dark petals really make this a striking tile.
The second tile goes more along with what Erin said about the template, it seemed lacy to her. Mines not lacy just fine lines and no shading, crisp and clean. 
Erin persevered for all of us this week still posting the challenge so we could play while she waded through getting used to her new computer.
Be sure to click over to The Bright Owl and check out what the other entrants have created with this Zendala template.
 Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Saturday, April 27, 2013

9th Gelli Printing Workshop-Blades

 Jelly Bean Print 1

 Jelly Bean Print 2

 Jelly Bean Print 3-with some mettalic gold that was still on the plate
 Blade Abstract Wood Canvas-with some finger painting

Blade Abstract 2nd pull on paper

 Blade Abstract 3rd pull on pattern paper

 Tulip Blade Print 1

 Tulip Blade Print 2

  Tulip Blade Print 3

Tulip Blade Print 4

Love the Jelly Bean prints. The Blade Abstract on the Wood Canvas with the finger painting I'm not fond of. That particular technique is going to take quite a bit of practice on my part. Now the Tulip Blade Prints are a close copy to the teachers example. I really like the way they turned out even the very last pull in the Comp Book.
I don't think I used a light enough touch with the blade on the Gelli Plate. I kept going all the way through the base coat. It produced some geat effects on the Tulip prints. 
I just can't say enough about the fun I've been having with the Gelli Plate. I've got the 6x6 and the 81/2  X 11, I'm thinking very seriously about ordering the largest one. I can see it coming in handy for some larger projects.
Tomorrow I'll be carving out some time for the 10th class.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Phicops Monotangle #8

Mindful Creations     Adventures in Montangles #8-Phicops

Roy's monotangle this week was created by The Diva's husband B-rad over at i am the diva CZT, B-rad gives and excellent step out and great pics, but I must confess I practiced on a whole sheet of 81/2" X 11" paper and covered the whole thing before I felt comfortable creating on a final tile. Then comes the next confession, and this isn't even Sunday, this was not the first final tile :-)
I have this little problem or should I say my one thing that defines my style, I can't seem to leave anything without some kind of a border. On my tangle tiles I like to go around the edge with a Sharpie marker otherwise it just doesn't look finished to me. Sooo, I was putting the finishing border on the first final tile with a Copper Sharpie marker and it slipped to the inside which made me try to save the tile by creating a pointy border which made my tangle look like it was being devoured by the jaws of death and that's not quite the look I was going for. 
Now, you see before you the final, final tile. I actually thought of starting fresh, but I really liked the way this tangle came out.  The only way to save it was to cut it out, go around the edges with a lighter brown PrismaColor pencil, cut a sea foam green tile, round the edges, and yes, go around with the Copper Sharpie marker before I glued the tangle to the tile, just in case of another slip, then glued the tangle to the tile, signed, sealed, and delivered, so to speak :-)
This tangle can have so many different interpretations depending on which way you face the points and how close together you draw them.
Click over and see what the rest of the entrants have created, theirs is probably more purist than mine, but I liked the sea fan look of mine.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earth Day Zen

i am the diva CZT Challenge Blog     Weekly Challenge #115
Monday was Earth Day. Laura's son Chewie has renamed the Earth Amanda. So this tile is for Chewie. I gave Amanda a bright sunny crown rising above her green skirts, with a beautiful blue sky above. 
You've got until Saturday to participate in this challenge and don't forget to Recycle, Re-Use, and Re-Purpose.
Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Zendala Dare #54

The Bright Owl     Zendala Dare #54
 This is this weeks Zendala Dare from Erin at The Bright Owl. 
As soon as I saw this template an image of the sun came into my mind. The sun's face was hand drawn by me. I've been doing some study on faces amongst all my other endeavors. My Mom told me today that I have to many irons in the fire. Of course, that's nothing new I've always had a million jillion things going on at the same time, must be why I think I function best under pressure. I'm sure that's up for debate with my family or my Mom probably wouldn't have made that comment :-)
Off to create my Earth Day tile, yes, a day late, that would be the million jillion irons in the fire and the functioning under pressure, except that the earth day tile is for the challenge at i am the diva CZT Challenge Blog and we've got until Saturday to get our tiles entered. Laura knows all about all the irons in the fire, but I guess we all pretty much know about those. I don't really know anyone who doesn't have lots of projects going at the same time.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

8th Gelli Printing Workshop-Textures

 Comp Book, corrugated card board scrap, rubber stamp scrap with circles, doily
 rubber stamp scrap with circles, doily, paper towel tube, rattan ball, bubble wrap
 Comp Book, doily, rattan ball, paper towel roll, plastic veggie bag
 Scrap pieces of paper-bubble wrap, stencills, ghost prints
Rolled off Brayer in Comp Book

This is the 8th Class in Gelli Printing-Textures. I didn't realize until I had taken pictures and edited them that I had gone from the sea in the previous lesson to the desert in this lesson. Cool colors to hot colors. 
I really liked using all these pieces of, I was going to use the word junk, but since yesterday was earth day and I've got a Zentangle challenge that I'm going to create a tile for that later tonight I'm thinking these are items that fall in the recycle, reuse, repurpose categories.
Well, off to post these on the Flickr group.
 I want to take a minute to thank all my fellow classmates who have put some of my pieces into favorites and made such wonderful encouraging comments. It's really fun to meet new people and get to see what they do with the same lessons in this workshop.
Also, I want to welcome my two new followers.
Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Friday, April 19, 2013

7th Gelli Printing Workshop

 Several layers of printing using the stencil portion of the Mermaids
8 1/2" x 11" White card stock
 Ghost print and green used with a wave stencil on it's side to look
like kelp  8 1/2" X 11" White card stock
 9" X 12" Mixed Media Art Journal

 Cut out stencils on Brayer clean off phone page

Cut out Stencils that were used on the above page, laid on a previous Gelli print

This is Class 7 about cutting and using stencils. Carolyn's daughter kindly provided us with a drawing of these 3 mermaids that we can print out and use for our personal use. Thanks to Carolyn's very talented daughter for these. 
Carolyn used some dolphins in the class, but I chose just to use the Mermaids on my prints. We just watched the movie Reef 2 the other day so my prints reflect the vivid colors I saw in that movie. The only color I have left out so far is orange, but I intend to use that as an accent color when I do some art journaling with these prints. I've got some Stampin' Up sea stamps that I intend to use with these prints.
I put a little explanation under each photo. My stack of usable prints is building to do some fantastic projects, I just hope I do them justice.
I'm off to work on the 8th Class which is about using texture.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Onamato Tangled

Mindful Creations      Adventures in Monotangle #7-Onamato

For some reason when I read Roy's post for this challenge a black tile with white pen came to my mind. I hope the spikes around the edges will be forgiven. They came into being because of a slight slip of the pen, but I really like the way this tile finished up.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Zendala Dare #53

The Bright Owl     Zendala Dare #53
Here is the template to start you off on this challenge. 
We all need to congratulate Erin on her 1 year anniversary of starting this Zendala journey.
She's offering a giveaway also. Hop over and get in on the fun.
I used a Sepia pen this time around. I liked the swirly effect in the middle. 

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Tangled X Book

Another post with a lot of photos, but I had to get a shot of all the pages + front and back.
This is called an X Book created from one piece of 8 1/2" X 11 black card stock. I did tangles all over one side with gel pens.
This was inspired by a post on Jessica Sporn's blog. She was inspired by a book by Alisa Golden, Handmade Books 100+ Bindings on sale now at Amazon.
With my recent interest in art journals I just had to bite on the book and I had to give this little book a try. I'm hoping to incorporate some of my Gelli Prints into some art journals.
This is a cute little tome for some tiny jottings.
Even try this out with some heavier double sided pattern paper, add some tags, or some fold outs and add in some little embellishments from your stash. You'll have your very own special little book.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Stars & Stripes Tangle

I am the Diva CZT     Weekly Challenge #114-Stars 
As soon as I read the challenge at the Diva's place I could not get Stars and Stripes out of my mind. I layered up some stars with my Fiskars Shape Cutter template then used Hollibaugh for the stripes and as usual I forgot to keep track of the tangles from there. Red and Blue Micron 005 pens were used. After I uploaded the pic in the photo editor I realized that I should have out lined the stripes with black, but since I'm not the do over girl this is what I get. I need to start taking a few minutes to step back and take a look before I think I'm finished.
Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

5th & 6th Class Gelli Printing Workshop

These 6 prints are from my take on Carolyn's 5th Class in the Gelli Plate Printing Workshop.
The first two are adding layers to prints already made by just using part of the stencil on the Gelli Plate. The third print is printing just a bit here and a bit there in a Composition Book. The 5th print is on old phone book pages that I clean my brayer off on and the 4th and 6th prints are ghost prints from this lesson.
Looks like I was in a kind of purple, orange, blue mood today.
The next prints are my take on the 6th Class in the workshop: 5 Stencils. Placing smaller stencils around and slightly of the Gelli Plate to get a variety of interest on your prints. Also, the prints in the journal are from cleaning off the stencils.

I couldn't resist getting out some gold and silver acrylic paint to add some sparkle and interest also. I love metallics. 
These two lessons do not catch me up, but come Saturday I plan to be completely caught up with the  lessons Carolyn has posted so far. There will be another Friday.
If you are not familiar with Carolyn Dube be sure to go check out her blog you'll see some really neat Gelli Plate Printing and her other art.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Zendala Dare #52

The Bright Owl     Zendala Dare #52-Holy Hollibaugh

Erin doesn't seem to like circles right now, but we all go through different styles and changes. She'll come back around (no pun intended).
This is the template we started out with and we were to string Hollibaugh all over to break up the circles. I started stringing Hollibaugh all over and then started filling in and finished with a flower in the middle. 
 Try some Zentangling if you haven't already, it's doodleriffic!
Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Monotangle W2

Mindful-Creations     Adventures in Monotangle Weekly Challenge #5-W2

Each Thursday Roy at Mindful-Creations sets a new challenge for Zentangle enthusiasts. This week the tangle to create with is W2. After looking around and reading some of the other entrants posts something one of them said stuck in my head and helped me get the hang of this tangle. Over, under, over, under. Then I decided to create it in this Pure Brown ink. I think the most telling thing emerges about me and my style not only can I not draw a straight line with a ruler, but I can't draw a straight line no matter what I do. Curves and squiggles seem to be my forte. 
Looking forward to what Roy will have for us this next Thursday. 

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥