Saturday, April 27, 2013

9th Gelli Printing Workshop-Blades

 Jelly Bean Print 1

 Jelly Bean Print 2

 Jelly Bean Print 3-with some mettalic gold that was still on the plate
 Blade Abstract Wood Canvas-with some finger painting

Blade Abstract 2nd pull on paper

 Blade Abstract 3rd pull on pattern paper

 Tulip Blade Print 1

 Tulip Blade Print 2

  Tulip Blade Print 3

Tulip Blade Print 4

Love the Jelly Bean prints. The Blade Abstract on the Wood Canvas with the finger painting I'm not fond of. That particular technique is going to take quite a bit of practice on my part. Now the Tulip Blade Prints are a close copy to the teachers example. I really like the way they turned out even the very last pull in the Comp Book.
I don't think I used a light enough touch with the blade on the Gelli Plate. I kept going all the way through the base coat. It produced some geat effects on the Tulip prints. 
I just can't say enough about the fun I've been having with the Gelli Plate. I've got the 6x6 and the 81/2  X 11, I'm thinking very seriously about ordering the largest one. I can see it coming in handy for some larger projects.
Tomorrow I'll be carving out some time for the 10th class.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

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