Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Zendala Dare #59

 The Bright Owl     Zendala Dare #59
3 1/2" Tile

 4 1/2" Circle

 6 1/2" Circle

We need to give a Get Well shout out to Erin, she's been very ill. Erin we hope you're feeling better soon. 
This is the template that Erin has given us to create with this week. Apparently, it really called out to me because in about an hour I had all 3 completed and the cool thing is they are very different. When I edited them I do see that I need to do them with better lighting so I can get all my black filled in properly.
My friend Cecile says that on the second one she can see little sail boats and on the 3rd one she can see little faces around the middle. That's one of the fun things about Zentangle, it's kind of like cloud watching, you can see all kinds of things if you look long enough. 
You've still got time to enter, so click over and give this challenge a try.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ebony & Ivory Tangle #119

i am the diva CZT      Weekly Challenge- #119-Ebony & Ivory
I saw this challenge and said yep, whip out the black card stock and the white gel pen. The secret to which I have found is to hold it straight up and down and go slow. The only down side to me is that I can't seem to get very fine lines. 
The first tangle is inspired by Joanne Fink and the second one is inspired by Stephanie Corfee. 
I have books by both of the talented artists. Very inspiring.
Get out your white gel pens and your black card stock and enter a tangle tile of your own, just click on the link above.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ideas Journal Page

A Colorful Journey      May Gelli Print Party

This is my first entry at the Gelli Print Party. 
I've worked my way up to Lesson 10 I believe in Carolyn's Gelli Print Workshop. This is one of the ghost gelli prints that I created in one of the first lessons of the workshop using a stencil from Spray Paint Stencils.  These are free stencils for your personal use. It's a fun place to browse around.
I used some pieces of ephemera from my stash that evoked the use of my word IDEA. I took a page out of Carolyn's book and used Pan Pastels to bring the edges onto my print. A black Stabilo pencil and my finger helped to define the main elements and a white Stabilo pencil was used to write some very faint journaling. I'm going to have to practice with my white pencil, but I loved the ease of the use of the black pencil. After I got everything the way I wanted it I thought about keeping going with some more stenciling or adding some more ephemera, but I decided to call it finished because I loved the way the print came out and I didn't want to junk it up.
There are so many wonderful entries already, but I'm going to go on and jump in the deep end of the art pool with these other fantastic artists.
Be sure to click over and check out some wonderful mixed media art.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Zendala Dare #58 X 2

The Bright Owl       Zendala Dare #58
 3 1/2" X 3 1/2" Tile

4 1/2" Circle Tile


This is the template that Erin has given us to create with this week at The Bright Owl.  I created 2 versions: one is on a 3 1/2" square tile and the other is a 4 1/2" circle tile. Erin always gives us 3 choices to download. The largest is 6" round which I did not attempt this time.
I thought I had picked up a black micron, but I had picked up a dark brown one, but after doing the first one I decided to continue on with the brown pen. I like the 4 1/2" circle best.
Thanks to Erin for giving us a fun place to play and a community of like minded artists to share with. Now that I'm feeling recovered from a sinus infection I feel I might be able to get around to the other entrants and leave some nice comments at their place like they have left at mine.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Monday, May 20, 2013

Fengle Tangle

Mindful Creations     Adventures in Monotange #11-Fengle

Roy at Mindful Creations set a new Challenge Thursday with the tangle Fengle. There are a lot of variations that can be done with tangle. Some of the entrants have kept their tangles very light and airy by crossing lines. You'll have to click over to Mindful Creations and check out all the art. It is so interesting to see so many different takes on one tangle.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Kuke Tangle

i am the diva CZT     Weekly Challenge #118-"UMT v. XVI-Kuke

This was last Monday's challenge at i am the diva. Canada is celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday today so I'm sneaking this tile in. Laura will be putting up the new challenge tomorrow when they get back from some holiday fun.
The main part of this tangle is Kuke. As I look at this now from afar if I would have done Kuke on the left pointy area it would have looked kind of like a kimono, to me anyway. Well, these tiles aren't supposed to be planned so my tile certainly fits that criteria.
Get out your black pens and white paper and give Zentangle a try, it's very addicting.
Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Monotangle #10

Mindful Creations      Adventures in Monotangle #10-Hi-Cs

This is Roy's challenge from last week. Tomorrow he will have a new one for us up.
Needless to say I'm behind, but still chugging.
This is another tangle that I have not used, but it was fun. There are lots of different possibilities with this one in just the way you turn your paper. I will be using this tangle a lot more.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Zendala Dare #56-In Pencil/Zedala Dare #57

 The Bright Owl     Zendala Dare #56-In Pencil

This is the Dare from last week. I'm still feeling down from sinus infection so I'm not very talkative, for some reason I can't seem to pull myself out of the funk left from this bout of illness. A lot of the people who entered didn't like using pencil, but I kind of liked it for a change.

The Bright Owl     Zendala #57-Template by: Geneieve

Here's the Dare for this week. Geneieve Crabe has created 3 templates for sale. She's done all the math all we have to do is put the dots on the paper using her templates to create your own mandalas. She and Erin have teamed up this week. Geneieve has provided the template for us to create with and Erin is having a giveaway of the templates. Go over and enter and you might win a prize. 
Thanks for hanging in with me on limited art journey for now. I'm usually a girl who see's my glass half full and I'm going to continue in that vain, but I'm just slow getting back in my art saddle.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Official Tangle: Schway

i am the diva      Weekly Challenge #117-New Official Tangle: Schway

Ron at has created a new official tangle. It's all about arrows so I decided to just do a monotangle with this tile.
I've had a sinus infection this last week so my art journey has been slightly curtailed. That's the beauty of Zentangle I can create something on a 3 1/2" X 3 1/2" tile and that feels like some art. 
Check out these two blogs if you want to see some much more artistic renderings with Zentangle.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Monotangle #9- 'NEPPEL

Mindful Creations     Adventures in Montangles #9- 'NEPPEL
This is a very interesting challenge from Roy this week. For some reason when I saw this one a stone path with an arrow came into my mind and as I practiced this tangle the image continued to want to be put on paper. I don't know if I've really done justice to Marie and Rick's expertise, but this is my creation and I thank them for coming up with Zentangle. It is very relaxing and gives us a chance to just put some marks on paper or anything really and have pieces of art that are so very interesting to look at. It's like looking at the clouds, everyone sees something different every time.
Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥