Monday, May 20, 2013

Kuke Tangle

i am the diva CZT     Weekly Challenge #118-"UMT v. XVI-Kuke

This was last Monday's challenge at i am the diva. Canada is celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday today so I'm sneaking this tile in. Laura will be putting up the new challenge tomorrow when they get back from some holiday fun.
The main part of this tangle is Kuke. As I look at this now from afar if I would have done Kuke on the left pointy area it would have looked kind of like a kimono, to me anyway. Well, these tiles aren't supposed to be planned so my tile certainly fits that criteria.
Get out your black pens and white paper and give Zentangle a try, it's very addicting.
Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Lovely tile. Your kukes look to me like they are resting on a trampoline, just waiting for someone to jump and send them all spinning in the air. It's amazing how we often see such different things in people's art! And, you are right...Zentangle is very, very addicting!