Sunday, May 5, 2013

Monotangle #9- 'NEPPEL

Mindful Creations     Adventures in Montangles #9- 'NEPPEL
This is a very interesting challenge from Roy this week. For some reason when I saw this one a stone path with an arrow came into my mind and as I practiced this tangle the image continued to want to be put on paper. I don't know if I've really done justice to Marie and Rick's expertise, but this is my creation and I thank them for coming up with Zentangle. It is very relaxing and gives us a chance to just put some marks on paper or anything really and have pieces of art that are so very interesting to look at. It's like looking at the clouds, everyone sees something different every time.
Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥


Donald Wilka said...

Nice interpretation. I agree that 'Nzeppel can look like a stone walkway when done in a line like you did.

Anne's tangle blog said...

I like your idea os the stone path.

FKC said...

The path is a very cool idea. Great piece.

Spiral Teacups said...

I like your path and arrow, very original idea for the tangle and suits it perfectly.

Katalyst said...

I like how you left out the base lines. Very neat.