Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Daisy Yellow     ICAD Week 1 Day 5-Recycle-Repurpose

As you can see this is the Index Card for Day 5 and this is Day 11. Dragging up the rear as usual. Whenever, I sign up for anything general living rears it's ugly head and interferes with my arty play time.
This is a Stampin' Up stamp set I borrowed from a friend. I liked the whole stamp set so much I wanted to get it all on the card so I used the backing from the stamps glued to the card and stamped them in their respective holes. Then I preceded to mess it up by going around the insides with brown marker and down the sides, where I didn't realize that I had gotten glue on the edges so the marker didn't color over that. And since I'm not the do over girl this one goes in the box. Onto 6-11 and maybe I can catch up, but alas if I don't that's o.k. I'll just plug along like the old tortoise and eventually cross the finish line. I've pretty much decided to carry this on all the way til Tammy starts a new one next year, if she does.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥

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