Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Zendala Dare #60-Template #1

 3 1/2" Tile
4 1/2" Circle Tile
The Bright Owl     Zendala #60-The Devil You Know

The first challenge of each month has an extra task attached. This time around we were to pick a template that we had had some trouble with. Since I've only been in the challenge since Challenge #45, I decided to pick template #1. I liked it so much I ended up doing the square and the circle. 
Be sure to check out The Bright Owl for a fun challenge. Erin has lots of fun templates and you can go back and start from the first if you want to or start from the current challenge.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥


Anne's tangle blog said...

Great linework in both zendala's.

Anonymous said...

Both of these are lovely. The uniformity of your linework is amazing.

Tangles and More said...

Have to agree that the line work is great.

Uuna said...

Both zendalas are very beautiful, but I like the second one a little bit more because it is so peaceful.