Saturday, July 27, 2013

Diva Weekly Challenge #128-Two Pencil String

i am the diva CZT      Weekly Challenge #128-Two Pencil String
Way back on Monday Laura challenge us to use two pencils held together to create our string for this tile. As usual the week has gotten away from me and I forgot to take a picture of my tile before I started tangling. You experienced tanglers will probably be able to suss out the the string through all these very busy tangles.
However, I did remember to write down the main tangles I used: Nzeppel, Printemps, Cubine, Zander, Za, Diamonds & Pearls, and Melon. There are some swirls and lines for fill ins that I don't think really count as tangles.
I didn't really intend for this one to get so busy, but here you have it.
Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Zendala Dare #66

The Bright Owl      Zendala Dare#66
A few weeks ago Erin had a giveaway at The Bright Owl. Mariet won the prize template maker. She sent her first creation to Erin and that is the template we have used this week.
These are my two templates. I like the first one best, just wished I had made the squares blacker. The second one is kind of busy and the middle didn't turn out exactly like I wanted it.
Since I do Zentangle for fun and relaxation what you see is what you get. It's just paper and ink and fun.
Click over to The Bright Owl and give Erin's current and past challenges a try.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Just A Little Blow My Horn Post

I'm so excited today. I got an email from Carolyn Dube from last night asking if she could feature my Jump for Joy journal page on her blog talking about the Artspiration she offers each month for her email subscribers. Of course, I said I would be very honored. I'm a big fan of Carolyn's. I love her style and I've taken a couple of online classes from her and I love her teaching style also. She has taught me a lot since I've been following her.
The neat thing about all this is when I checked her blog just a little while ago not only did she feature my Jump for Joy page but she also put the journal page I made and entered in the July Gelli Print Party. I know you can all hear me clapping all over the world.
If you are not familiar with Carolyn Dube and would like to learn more about her fresh, bright approach to art and life click on the link I left above and be sure to click over and subscribe to her newsletter and play in the Gelli Print Party each month, you too might get featured.
If you don't know about Gelli Printing Carolyn has lots of videos and just to let you know if you get started it's very addicting, with each piece of paper you pull off the Gelli Plate it's always a surprise as to what you get. Sometimes the 2nd ad 3rd pieces of paper you pull off are the best. Lots of great background papers to play with.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."  ~Pablo Picasso

Beverly G♥

Saturday, July 20, 2013

July Artspiration Journal Page

a colorful journey     July Artspiration
Carolyn Dube at a colorful sends each of her newsletter subscribers a snippet of art to download and use. After you have made something with the free art you can email it to her and she will share it with all the subscribers.
This month I have chosen to make a journal page using the largest piece.
I first used Dylusions sprays to spray my blank page with similar colors for a base. In the piece of art I saw some balloons and a girls shorts outfit which brought to mind this stencil I have from Stencil Girl. I used Collage Pauge to put down the free piece of art which stayed pretty shiny even after it dried. I stenciled the girls head, arms, legs over the area where I saw the shorts outfit with gesso and it also placed her just right for me to connect up the balloons. I enhanced the balloons with some Distress paint also.
I went around the edges with Distress paints, a brush and some water to blend them all around to tie things together. Making sure you dry between each step. I then smudged some gesso around to soften things up some more.
I stenciled the Jump for Joy and exclamation points with Distress Ink Black Soot and used a Faber Castel White Pitt Pen which also made the white dots on the balloons. I also used Faber Castel Pitt Pens to do her hair and go around her and the strings on the balloons. I like how I connected her head and arms to her top, I wish I had been more conscious of connecting her legs, but this art journaling is still new and practice, practice. As I go along I know when I look back on these first journals I will be able to see my skills and style change (hopefully for the better).
I used some Christy Tomlinson rub-ons and a Tim Holtz dot background stamp with Ranger Black Archival Ink. I finished off the edges with some coral Gelato.
I'm pretty pleased with this page. I like the swirling energy I see when I look at it and it reminds me of a time in my life when I enjoyed some very happy carefree days.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥

Friday, July 19, 2013

July Colorful Gelli Print Party

A Colorful Journey     July Colorful Gelli Print Party

The background paper is a Gelli print, mostly orange and white. So I decided to take a Leap of Faith and use one of the new stencils I got from joining the Stencil Girl Stencil Club. The suitcase with the words and hearts is from the July stencils, the girl is also from Stencil Girl, but an earlier purchase. The words Live Your Life are on that stencil also. I stenciled all those with black gesso and let that dry. All the colors around the edges are Distress Paints splotched on and brushed around with a wet paint brush being careful to keep them from getting muddy. Dried that. The flower stencil in the top right corner is one in my stash but I don't know where I got it. I sponged with Distess Inks through that sentcil. I stamped with a Tim Holtz stamp and a Stampin' Up stamp for some extra backgound interest. I used and Uniball white pen to go around the letters, but I'm not very pleased. I still haven't got the hang of using white pens or white Stabilo pencils over my Mixed Media projects. More practice, more practice, but oh what fun.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥

Weekly Challenge #127-Cirquital/Opus

i am the diva CZT      Weekly Challenge #127-"Duo Tangle v. VII: Cirquital/Opus

The diva  Laura has challenged us with a Duotangle this week. 
I found the trick to Cirquital is moving your tile around as you create the claws otherwise you get lost like I did in the first bottom circle and I think shading is crucial on this tangle.
But, don't just look at my tile, please click over and check out all the other entrants. It's so interesting how many different pieces of art can be created with just the same two tangles.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥

Zendala Dare #65

The Bright Owl     Zendala Dare #65

This weeks template seemed very open and airy to me so I did a lot of line work and left a lot of white spaces. Here's what the original template looks like:


If you want to try any Zendala's Erin has a list of previous templates that you can go back, print of and give them a go. Lot's of fun at this challenge and lots of talented artists.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥

Monday, July 15, 2013

Tangled Stencil

This is a project just for me, but I wanted to blog about it also.
The first pic is the original. I traced the stencil in my Zen Journal and tangled it.
The second pic is the original manipulated in Pic Monkey Photo Software. I was inspired by Lila at
Lila enters Mindful Creations Monotangle challenge each week with beautiful pieces of art. I have noticed lately she has been digitally altering some of the in the photo software. I also found Pic Monkey some months ago and have been using it, but obviously not to it's fullest potential. I played around with several of the texture backgrounds and this is the one I liked best to go with this ZIA.
Thank you Lila for inspiring me to use something I've been using to a fuller potential.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥

Monotangle #18-Knightsbridge

Mindful Creations      Adventures in Monotangles #18-Knightsbridge
Roy's challenge at Mindful Creations goes up every Thursday. This week he's challenging us to use the tangle Knightsbridge an official Zentangle. This is one of the basic tangles that you learn when you start tangling.
There are lots of variations that can be done with this tangle as you can see if you click over and take a tour of the other entrants blogs. 
I started with a basic string and filled in the spaces. Basic, Basic, Basic. Nothing fancy.
This would be a good time to give Zentangle a try if these little squares of goodness look fun to you.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weekly Challenge #126-Stencil Fun Cupcake

i am the diva CZT     Weekly Challenge #126-"Stencil Fun"

It's taken me all week to get around to getting this cupcake done, photoed, and posted. Laura sure comes up with some fun challenges. I will be using stencils some more in my tangling art.
General living is nipping at my heals so I'm off to tend to what some people call the important stuff in life. 

Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Zendala Dare #64

The Bright Owl      Zendala Dare #64

Erin is feeling the heat in Sonoma County. We're starting to feel the heat here in N. TX also. Summer is coming into it's high point so it will be hot here probably up through September.
Consequently, Erin has set an extra challenge for us this time around. We are to pick tangles that start with the letters HEAT or HOT. The colors red, orange, and yellow immediately came to my mind so I created the first tile with a red pen, and orange souffle pen(which didn't photograph as orange) and a yellow pen. The 4 tangles I used spell HEAT:  Hourglass, Eyeballs, Accordian, and Traffic. If you don't really see the Accordian tangle it's because it's a variation and I added an extra point to accommodate that. 
Erin if it doesn't qualify just ignore that one. 
However, the second tile done on the large template: 7" from point to point does qualify.
The tangles I used spell out HOT: Hi-Cs, Orbs-la Dee, Trimonds. I really like the way this tile turned out. The Hi-Cs in the middle really started it out with a dramatic effect.
Click over to The Bright Owl and check out some really hot Zentangling.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥

Saturday, July 6, 2013

ICAD-Gel Medium with Hand Cut Foam Stamps

daisy yellow      Index Card A Day-Gel Medium with Hand Cut Foam Stamps

I hand cut these hearts from fun foam applied some Gel Medium and stamped on the index card, let dry completely. I will have to practice how much Gel Medium I put on the stamps, I don't think I got enough in some places. Of course, I tried to fix this before it dried. It's not always a good idea to try to fix mistakes. However, I kind of like the effect so it's really not a mistake. After the Gel Medium dried I sponged red ink on the card and wiped the ink off the hearts then stamped a background stamp with gray ink and wiped that off the hearts also. 
I'm really enjoying trying these techniques. The index cards are a really good size to practice on.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥

ICAD-Bubble Wrap Stamping

daisy yellow     Index Card A Day-Bubble Wrap Stamping

Tammy keeps a lot going on over at daisy yellow art, so you should click over and check out her special style, bright colors and a happy atmosphere.
My index cards are not one a day because I have general living issues which I am continually working on to be able to share a space in each day with some of my art playing. 
I am going to be working my way through a book that I have had for quite awhile called Creative Foundations  by: Vicki Boutin. The crayon resist cards I did was one of the techniques in the book I just forgot to give her credit. These will be great techniques that I can also incorporate into my art journals. 
In the book Vicki suggests acrylic paint brushed on the bubble wrap and then stamping, but I wanted to try these two dye inks. After I stamped the purple I swiped across it to see if it would make striations like the acrylic paint would have, but it made more like a watercolor wash which I kind of liked. The purple was stamped with some large bubble and the peach color with some small bubbles.
I you are participating in the Index Card A Day challenge I hope you're having fun. If you're not familiar with this click over and check out what's going on. There are some pretty cool takes on Tammy's Themes and Prompts.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥

Monotangle #17-Cadent

Mindful Creations      Adventures in Monotangles  #17-Cadent

As a self taught tangler I have tried the tangle Cadent several times while picking up this art form. I had not had very much success with this tangle but after some study the step outs Roy gave us a link to and slowing down I think I have got the hang of this one now. I have decided that I like it and will be using it more often. 

Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

ICAD Sunflower

daisy yellow      Index Card A Day-Sunflower

I am still playing around with a white crayon distress inks. I also used a Stabilo marker to add the brown spots, veins, and blue dashes around the edges.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥


daisy yellow      ICAD-Fireworks

I got off track with my Index Card A Day. General living has a way of rearing it's ugly head in my life a lot. In consequence I have decided to strike off on my own and not always go by the prompts and themes. I have a card marinating in coffee grounds which was one of supplies suggested to use for Week #5 so there will be an index card coming in the next few days using that card. 
Today I've created this card using neon crayons, distress inks, and a silver Sharpie marker to created this Index Card that I've titled Fireworks. 
I've decided to just make cards with whatever the whim takes me using some of the wonderful art supplies, inks, and stamps that I have accumulated over the years.
Thanks for visiting and leaving comments, all are appreciated.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekly Challenge #125-Bird Feet

i am the diva,CZT      Weekly Challenge #125-UMT v. XVIII-Birdie Feet

I couldn't resist teaming this tangle Birdie Feet from Owl Loving April with the tangle Birds on a Wire. I did a tile very similar to this one with the Birds on a Wire, but on this one I added the feet and the grass. 
My tile is not the most elaborate so you need to click over and check out the other entrants take on this challenge. There are already some really neat tiles.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥

Zendala Dare #63

The Bright Owl      Zendala Dare #63

With July 4th coming up here in the USA I had red, white, and blue on my mind this week. July 4th means Independence to many here. In this day and age people all over the planet are marching and protesting and warring for independence and freedom. It's a shame that these ideas and principles come at such a high cost.
A lot people will be having picnics and watching fireworks in a couple of days and over the weekend. I hope all will be safe and have fun and enjoy the freedom to do these activities.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥