Friday, August 9, 2013

Monotangle #19-Cracked

Mindful Creations       Adventures in Monotangle #19-Cracked
Roy at Mindful Creations has had a hard time this year. General living, accidents, and illness have really kicked his butt, but trooper that he is, he's back with us this week with a very appropriate Adventure. A tangle by Lori Howe--Cracked. 
I don't know that I did this correctly because mine is nothing like the step out of Lori's, but I've been told there are no mistakes in Zentangle.
And, actually this is exactly how I've been feeling the last couple of weeks. I'm most always a gal who views a glass half full so to say I've been a little down is not exactly right, but Cracked is much more correct.
Give Roy some Love and join in on his challenge this week. We'll get these pieces put back together pretty soon.
Happy Creating--
Beverly G♥