Thursday, October 16, 2014

Long Time Absent

Here I find myself in the middle of October with many life changes.
Shortly after my last post my Mom took a drastic turn for the worse, ended up in hospital, then on Hospice, and on August 27th she passed away. After taking care of her for such a long time, it was hard to believe that the last 2 weeks were the hardest. She is in Heaven with God now and not suffering pain or indignities.
I was just starting to catch up on some much needed rest when my husband and I were informed the day before our youngest grandson's birthday that his Mom was in jail and my Son his Dad is working out of town almost constantly so it wouldn't work out for him to live with the new stepmom, and none of his Mom's family can have him either. Consequently, he will now be living with my husband and I. Whoa, new parents all over again, fortunately he is 10 and not 1. He has started a school close to us which helps and so far seems to be adjusting.
As we three settle in there may be some time for me in my studio, if so I will try to post pics and get back to crafting and blogging.
I'm a plain blogger so I hope all the social media hasn't left me behind.

Happy Crafting--
Beverly G

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Getting A Face Lift

Hello Friends and Followers--Since I'm not really into altering my real face I decided to give the blog a little bit of freshening up. I've got the backgrounds in place and I like the lighter brighter colors. My next task is to change my header. A friend of mine helped me to create the one in place now and we are collaborating on the new one also. I will be doing some housekeeping on the side columns and then I hope to get back into posting on a more regular basis.
Here we are with half of 2014 gone, it's just hard to wrap my head around that.
My Mom's health has been a big issue this year right from the Jan. 1. Even though she got the flu shot in Oct. she still contracted the flu in late Dec. and suffered on through part of Feb. She had a short hospital stay for another issue and the Doctors have now decided that she is in Stage 3 Kidney failure. She has good days and bad days, but that is really true for most of us. I have a regular helper 6 days a week now and that helps me to step away a little bit. In May I thought I was going to have to have cataract surgery in July or Aug., but with some eye drops and some new glasses I have gotten a reprieve until 2016. The issue with my eyes really affected my art, but now I'm seeing better and catching up on a little rest I'm slowly getting back to the art projects I have had waiting for me in my studio.
Art Journaling, Zentangling, Mini Albums, Card Making, and visiting and commenting on some of you guys blogs are some of my projects for the rest of 2014 and somewhere in all this time I'm trying to carve out for my art pursuits I'd like to upload some more videos to my YouTube channel.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G ♥