Thursday, October 16, 2014

Long Time Absent

Here I find myself in the middle of October with many life changes.
Shortly after my last post my Mom took a drastic turn for the worse, ended up in hospital, then on Hospice, and on August 27th she passed away. After taking care of her for such a long time, it was hard to believe that the last 2 weeks were the hardest. She is in Heaven with God now and not suffering pain or indignities.
I was just starting to catch up on some much needed rest when my husband and I were informed the day before our youngest grandson's birthday that his Mom was in jail and my Son his Dad is working out of town almost constantly so it wouldn't work out for him to live with the new stepmom, and none of his Mom's family can have him either. Consequently, he will now be living with my husband and I. Whoa, new parents all over again, fortunately he is 10 and not 1. He has started a school close to us which helps and so far seems to be adjusting.
As we three settle in there may be some time for me in my studio, if so I will try to post pics and get back to crafting and blogging.
I'm a plain blogger so I hope all the social media hasn't left me behind.

Happy Crafting--
Beverly G

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Monika Reeck said...

Beverly...I really miss you and look at your creations..yeah again being parents is not easy...but he is 10 not 1 its better...I hope you are not feel sad more...the situation with my mom in law is the same she was having brain with us..and at 19 August decided must stay in HOSPICE but she still can think good nowadays (after last month she cant speak she cant think clear she cant remember good) she is a powerfull mom...let us see how long she will stay at husband nearly everyday look at her at Hospice...Beverly...I pray for you and your Mom will be happy in heaven...I never forget you...could you send me your address again...I will send you card and chocolate for the young new family member..may I?