Thursday, June 11, 2015

#221 Beads of Courage Challenge

#221 Beads of Courage--i am the diva czt

I'm slowly getting back into some small  pieces of art, so naturally I've gone back to my comfort zone right now. Zentangle.
This challenge site is one I used to participate in fairly regularly and Laura, The Diva is still at it, going strong even with all her daily challenges. She's a lady I have a lot of respect for.
This week the inspiration for this challenge is a group she and her family are very active with. I've copied and pasted this explanation from her site:

Beads of Courage is an Arts in Medicine that supports kids with chronic or life threatening illnesses and their families.  These kids are amazing.  And they more often than not have to deal with a lot on a daily basis.  They see a lot of doctors, and on this program instead of getting a sticker or a lollipop for getting a needle or an X-Ray, or a test of some kind, they'd get a glass bead to represent that part of their medical journey.

Such a wonderful thing for children to receive after experiencing all those procedures.
With my tile I tried to string some pretty beads on a tassel and surround them with encouraging and happy words. 
Passing on information by word of mouth has always been an effective means of advertising, but now with the internet and as each of us participate in this challenge and navigate from one artist to another looking and commenting it will be like a pebble in a pond with ripples of information going out into the world. Someone who didn't know about this organization may hear about just when they need the information.
I enjoy participating in challenges because it helps me to think outside my box instead of  just plain creating.
I hope you go over and check out the other artists creations.
In the mean time--
Happy Creating--
Beverly G


Annette P. (aka LonettA) said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

Your bunch of beads look like a bunch of flowers that people often take into hospital for ill people. So pretty with colour. Yes, I always go and look at the other artists work after I have finished mine. I find it hard to think of ways to position my tangles, so looking at others helps me to learn what I could have done. I also like to read everyone's thoughts it is interesting. You are right, a lot of people will not have heard of these beads of courage. I was a paediatric nurse, trained at Great Ormond Street Hospital London and worked with children all my life, and I had never heard of them. I think it is a marvellous idea.

Anne's tangle blog said...

I like your tile, a lot!

Antonine said...

I love your inspirational script around the edges. It really adds to the beautiful design. Your colors are lovely!

David Hunter said...

A beautiful Tile. Love the verbage boarder and the design of your patterns. Well laid out. Well done.

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