Saturday, June 6, 2015

It's A String Thing #95

It's A String Thing #95--Tickled To Tangle

I'm back today with a tangled tile. I recently found this tangle challenge site on Pinterest. I've been quietly following what's been going on there. I love Adele's positive attitude to everyday life. She posted some great pictures from her resent getaway with her hubby. Talk about an abundance of patterns in real life-WOW!
I'm going to send this tile over for the challenge this week. This mission was to create a tile using these 4 tangle patterns: 'Nzeppel, Yincut, Onomato by: Maria Thomas, and Bublz by: Lori Byerly.
I managed to get all 4 tangles in the string she gave. I have to say the Onamato and Yincut were the easiest to catch on to, but the Bublz for sure show off my shaky hand, and the 'Nzeppel took a bit to catch on to. 
My art and blogging have been on the back burner since Oct 2014. Helping my grandson to settle in with us and graduate 3rd grade with many successes, cataract surgery in April on both my eyes, and many other family situations, we've had ourselves quite a 2015 already and it's just half over. School was out for the summer yesterday so I'm hoping to carve out some time for me to get my steady hands back and my vision to continue to clear. 
Hence, I'm jumping right into a challenge. If you're one of my faithful followers you all know how I love a challenge. I'm also working on a couple of art pieces for a friend, that have actually been promised to her for two years. Now that's what I call a patient and understanding friend.
Wish me luck on making myself take some time for me and my projects and go over and check out all the talented tanglers at Tickled To Tangle.

Happy Creating,
Beverly G


Unknown said...

The tile looks great! Strong contrast and wonderful combination of the patterns. I really like that :-)

Karen Dunbrook said...

super the look.

Darnell said...

I've come over tonight to learn a bit more about you for my "New Friends Corner" and I've just read about you and your husband taking on your grandchild. (Ours are ten yo boys, too, so I know the age.) I just wanted to say I admire you so much and I pray you both and your grandson have nothing but blessings ahead! You've all been through so much. Big hugs, Darnell