Friday, June 19, 2015

It's A String Thing #97

It's A String Thing #97   Tickled To Tangle

Adele Bruno at Tickled To Tangle has created a Father's Day String with 4 great tangles to get all our creative juices going this week.
Sunday in America is designated as Father's Day. A day to honor all the men in our lives who have influenced us in ways that are a special trait of men. It's not always the soft nurturing way Mom's have sometimes it's that good gruff bear like manner that shakes us up and hopefully brings us to our senses. Then that big gruff bear becomes that cuddly warm steady spot in our lives where we know things will always come out right. Those would be the perfect Dad's, some of us may have Dad's with feet of clay, but they need our love also. Hope this holiday weekend brings out the best in all our families and we get lots of quality time with the people we love, no matter what day you celebrate. 
Wow, that was a soapbox moment. If it's to gushsy or you don't agree with any of that paragraph just skip over it, delete it from your memory, and skip to the next line where I'll get back to the challenge at hand.
Four tangles, yes, Double D's, All About V's, Diamonds and Squares, and Umble by: Marie Thomas.
I managed to get a little of each on my tile. Frankly,  I had not attempted any of these tangles before, but I quite like the result.
Be sure to hop over to Tickled To Tangle Monday afternoon and check out all the talented people who join in at the challenge on a regular basis. I've also noticed that I'm not the only newbie whose been joining in lately. It's always great to see each persons interpretation of the string and tangles.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G

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Diane said...

What a fun mono color design.

Hugs Diane