Saturday, July 11, 2015

"It's A String Thing" #100 The Zentennial

"It's A String Thing" #100 The Zentennial--Tickled To Tangle

Adele has been running her challenge for 2 years now and this is the 100th "It's A String Thing". 
First Congratulations to Adele!! She's a very talented and generous lady. I'm a recent follower and entrant and I have enjoyed her Wednesday Words of Wisdom as much as the Challenges.
Adele created the string for this challenge as well as a new tangle which she has creatively named 100.
On Father's Day I missed her effort to be subtle with the layout of the string and could have spelled DAD. This time I caught on and with 3 of the variations of her new tangle 100 I attempted a giant 100. 
Click on the link above and check out the string and all the variations of her new tangle.

Happy Creating,

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Monika Reeck said...

wooow this look awesome Bev
great one