Friday, July 17, 2015

It's A String Thing #101

Tickled to Tangle

Adele has started challenge #101 with String 101 from the Tangle Patterns site. Just a quick aside, you can find patterns, tutorials, and all kinds of inforamation on Zentangle at that site. 
Now back to "It's A String Thing #101. The two patterns we are using this week are in honor of  Maria Thomas and Adele's husbands birthdays, Rixty and LG.
I had not done either pattern before so this was a real challenge for me. After I had finished my tile I decided to cover the small black hearts with red. I know, I know, hind site is always better, but I got out my new Derwent Graphik pens, chose the red one and covered the black hearts. These pens are so cool, they can either be opaque or when you add water you can use them like water colors. Check out YouTube videos on these, you'll be amazed. The hind site would be if I had decided to make them red to begin with they would have looked so much better. I guess I'm just going to have to give in and realize I'm going to have some shaky lines and blobs on my art from now on. On the brighter side I think I'll just call them bits of uniqueness, if that's even a word.
Now for the reveal, here's my tile:

Thank you all for stopping by. It's hot here. We have two air conditioner units and one has gone out, fortunately the repair company I use is ringing my doorbell as I'm finishing this. Hope they can fix it tonight.

Happy Creating--

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Monika Reeck said...

Woow Bev you make an adorable ART love this and the add of red heart is perfecto..
see my side bar I put your name there
also anytime you posted new one and if I look at my blog ...I will visiting you...
I try my best..hugs, Monika