Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"It's A String Thing" #103

Tickled To Tangle    "It's A String Thing" #103

This week Adele has set a challenge in honor of Grace McIntyre with three tangles that start with the letter "M". Meer, MI2, and Mr.E. We are allowed to pick which ones we want to use or use all three.
When I saw this string and the tangles Meer and Mr.E seemed like they were the perfect fit to me. 
I'm not sure if I got Mr. E done just right, but it's my best interpretation today.
Adele will be posting the entries from "It's A String Thing" #102 in the next couple of days, right now she's spending some fun R&R with her Grandchildren. So keep checking the Tickled to Tangle link above for challenge #102 and then next Monday she will post the entries from challenge #103.
Time to grab a bit more studio time--

Happy Creating--

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