Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Every Inchie Monday-Window

Looking out the window at a cool summer rain shower.
Because I'm slightly out of focus again, probably because I'm posting on the fly tonight.
In real life I can see the rain drops falling from the sky. I promise to improve on my photography skills. I got some good advice and thought I had implemented it tonight, but no, unfortunately I'm not the do over girl. 
So much for my lamenting.
This was actually all free hand drawn with Stampin' Up markers.
Don't forget to join in. If I can get an Inchie accomplished so can you.

Happy Creating--


freebird7100 said...

love this, great job on the tree and window

chrissie said...

Wonderful inchie with a lovely view

Chrissie xx

Melissa said...

I love your tree. It doesn't feel at all out of focus ... it looks like it's raining!

sally said...

Nice drawing- a little required here in the Southern Alps....its way too hot!


Kia said...

great tree to look at out of your window - it doesn't look out of focus to me. good work

Trillian As said...

Love the look out of your window.