Thursday, August 13, 2015

i am the diva,CZT #230

i am the diva, CZT     #230-Guest Blogger Erin Koetz Olson

This week you won't find the Bright Owl's Challenge at home. She's visiting Laura at i am the diva,CZT with a Zendala template for us to print off and start tangling.
My first tile is the 3.5" X 3.5" tile. I have used Web, Swurly, Spynnakas, Paradox, with a few added or detracted pen strokes. You know there are no mistakes in Zentangle. I guess I need to add a disclaimer to my Zentangle posts about poor eye sight, and or shaky hands.LOL
My second tile is the round medium Zendala. I used Web, Spirals(which I don't think is a official tangle, but may be called something else), Kern, and Rain.
I always enjoy Erin's templates for relaxation , practice, and to try new to me tangles.
I think there are already a lot of entrants so I better scurry over and enter myself.

Happy Creating--


Unknown said...

Very nice zendalas with interesting tangles.

Karen Lynn said...

Wow! Two very different and beautiful zendalas.

The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

You have been busy, both have intricate tangle patterns that must have taken s long time to do too

Ulrike B. said...

both zendalas are beautiful

Annette P. (aka LonettA) said...

Both zendalas are very lovely and delicate!

hungrycorgistudio said...

Nice intricate work! Very pretty! Sarah.

Anne's tangle blog said...

I like both zendala's!

Antonine said...

I love the textured look of both your Zendalas. Plus, I always have thought a bit of wonky wiggle in lines adds charm to the art. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Hehe!) These are really nice!