Saturday, August 8, 2015

"It's A String Thing" #104-A Very Happy Second Birthday

Tickled To Tangle    "It's A String Thing" #104 A Very Happy Birthday

Adele is celebrating her sites Second Birthday with the creation of a special string of her own. She has picked tangles that she thought would evoke a birthday feeling. Drupe: Maria Thomas & Rick Roberts, Meringue: Kelley Kelly, CZT, and Prestwood: Margaret Bremmer, CZT. 
I used all three tangles with a little bit of variation of my own to continue to evoke the birthday feel. Consequently, I decided to use my sparkly gel pens for this tile. The Drupe just felt like fireworks for this tile to me, so they come in red and silver. A bit of Meringue for the flames in yellow and orange, A little black dashed line to frame it all and bingo--Happy Happy Birthday, Tickled To Tangle. 

Happy Creating--

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