Friday, August 14, 2015

Tackle It Tuesday Challenge #66

Artful Creations    Tackle It Tuesday Challenge #66

Amongst all the other general living that I did today I managed to get the letter H tangled. I'm entering in the Tackle It Tuesday Challenge #66. Last week I tangled the letter G. There are a few of us who are entering at Cheryls' Challenge site, but I hope that a few more of you Zentanglers will click on the link above and enter this Challenge. 
I used the tangles: Windows, Stairstep, and Spuigs. I then shaded around the H to make it looked popped up. I think the shading looks pretty good, but not as popped up as I would have liked.
It's going on 11pm so I better get this entered and get myself to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

Happy Creating--


crotnem said...

I really like your tile Bev. Seems we need to shade even more for it to show up as we see it in real life (IRL). That's what I've been seeing.

ecshelton said...

Yep, you can always erase pencil if your shading gets too heavy, so go for it. But I think it looks great the way it is. This is such a whimsical tile.

The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

Lovely tile, H makes a good string doesn't it. It would be nice if a few more came on board wouldn't it.