Thursday, September 24, 2015

Every Inchie Monday--Myth

A quick post before I'm off for school pickup. Also, a red letter day in my life as a couple, my husband and I have been married 47 years today. We married in Portsmouth, VA on a hot and humid day with my husband in his wool dress Navy uniform and today here in N.TX it is a sunny and slightly humid day, but less hot. Lots of water has flowed under our bridge but we're still not washed away.
On to this Inchie. This one is a collaboration between myself and my Grandson. He is a budding artist and so many other things also. If he continues in the vein he is going he will be called a Renaissance Man. Hopefully, there will be some young ladies who will appreciate that kind of man in his future. He and I share a love of Dragons. We see them as powerful beings, good and bad just like people, and oh so beautiful. Again, so many variations just like people.
I say a collaboration, but actually he drew the dragon I added the finer scales and the frame around the Inchie. We must give credit where credit is due. He said it is a fire dragon emerging from it's egg.
Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments you all leave on my posts. 
I'm off to enter and then hit the road.

Happy Creating--


Margriet said...

Congratulations! Great inchie, I love dragons!

freebird7100 said...

Congrats on the marriage. A great milestone for sure. And I think it is awesome that you and your grandson made your inchie. I love it and think you both did a great job!

jeanchaneyaz said...

How lovely to be able to share your interests with your grandson. You've made a wonderful dragon together. Congrats on the loooong marriage; that doesn't happen these days very often :)