Sunday, September 20, 2015

Every Inchie Monday--Rhythm

Here it is Sunday, tomorrow is time for another Inchie Monday and I'm just getting this last Mondays posted. Being 65 and coming down with a mild case of Whooping Cough has really set me back. A Booster shot, some antibiotics, cough medicine, and a week and a half of practically bed rest I was finally able to go to Church today with no coughing and not feel like I had used up every bit of energy I had.
When I saw the prompt for this challenge I knew immediately what I wanted to do for it because the song "I've got rhythm, I've got rhythm, who could ask for anything more." started playing in my head. Now as you know it doesn't take long to create an inchie so that part got done right away with this cute piano button which I clipped the back off of, glued on to white card stock, outlined with black Sharpie, and drew a black music note with a black Micron Pen. The next part taking a picture, saving it, could never get it in focus (even with the advice of a very nice follower, but will keep trying), writing the post, and entering the challenge had to wait for the strength to sit at the computer. 
Glass half full, I'm on the mend now hope I can avoid all the other child hood diseases that come to school the rest of the 2015-2016 school year. 
Hope to be back to getting some art time in my studio going forward.
Go over and check out the new prompt for Every Inchie Monday with the link above tomorrow.

Happy Creating,


jeanchaneyaz said...

What a fun button for rhythm. Please do take care of yourself. We, not so young chickens, need to mend fully before we expose ourselves to more of those bad germs out there :)

freebird7100 said...

Sorry that you have been sick but glad that you are on the mend. Love the inchie! I have a great tip for picture taking that my son gave me, (gotta love the tech-savvy young). I was always taking a picture, taking out the SD card, putting it in my puter, looking it up,cropping it, saving it, posting it. That was so much work! Mostly the searching for everything and transferring the data. Now I just take a picture on my smartphone, crop the picture and send it to myself thru facebook messenger. go on FB and then download it to my computer. Add my watermark and put it on my FB page and my blog. It might be the same # of steps but it is easier than transferring the SD card and losing it, lol

Monika Reeck said...

Oh so sorry Beverly that you have been sick..
hope you are better today my friend
and this is so so sweett Inchie...
I am not often to make it
and after you you collect all your Inchies?
this is so cute Beverly
big hugs from Munich