Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Bright Owl Zendala Dare #114

The Bright Owl    Zendala Dare #114

Each week that I click over to The Bright Owl Challenge site I appreciate Erin's dedication to continuing her creative templates for all of her loyal followers to play with. She is truly a generous spirit.
I chose to do the middle sized template this week. It is usually printed out in a circle, but I chose to cut it out. I used the tangles: Sparkle, Flying Geese, and Ballot.
I did a bit of shading then decided I liked it as is. Reminds me of a really cool whirl-i gig. 
This is my last post for today and probably til next week. 
If you celebrate Halloween wherever you are I hope you have a Spookilicious Weekend.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G

Tackle It Tuesday Challenge #73-S

Artful Creations    Weekly Challenge #73-"S"

I couldn't resist this little snake for this weeks challenge at Artful Creations. I had already drawn him with pen and the tangle Shattuck when I decided he needed a stick to perch on. So, that's exactly what he's doing just perching not wrapped around. My little pretend vine is tangle Barber Pole.
Next week will be "T" so my mind is already thinking of searching for tangles that begin with "T"

Happy Creating--
Beverly G

i am the diva, CZT Weekly Challenge #241

i am the diva, CZT     Weekly Challenge #241: Guest Blogger Paula Bramente,CZT
"Stones & Ceremony"

I would urge you to click on the link above and check out what Paula has to say about how she came up with the theme for this weeks challenge at i am the diva, CZT. Generally speaking it's about health and wholeness, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. She also talks about rocks, stones, and imagining what wayfarers of long ago might have been thinking when they left stone piles or stone circles for that matter.
My mind went to Stonehenge. So many ideas and speculations on that particular site. One of the top places on my Bucket list before I leave this world. I've always felt if I could just stand close and put my hand on one of the uprights at Stonehenge I would be able to feel magic crackling in the air.
Zentangle was not created by Rick and Maria Roberts to represent things. It's supposed to be a meditative artistic outlet where there are no mistakes. However, this week with my less that accurate drawing skills I have tangled a representation of some standing stones. 
There is still time to enter the challenge this week so click over and give it a go or just click on the entrants links and see how other artists have interpreted this challenge.

Happy Creating--
Beverly G 

It's A String Thing #116

Tickled To Tangle     "It's A String Thing" #116

Friday is National Candy Corn Day. Adele has decided to make tangling this candy corn string a tradition at Tickled To Tangle. Since I love the Halloween season that sounds like a good idea to me. 
I thought about using candy corn colors, but dediced against that. I like the boldness of the black and white. I did some shading and if you happen to look very closely you will see smudgy dots all over the tile. I used a pen similar to a Micron but not a Micron and didn't realize the ink wasn't drying so my partial left thumb print also added to the background.
The tangles we used this week were: Chartz, Cadent, Cracked, and Confettus. I usually struggle with Cadent but this week it seemed to come out of my pen to fit exactly where I wanted it to go.
Adele always posts a gallery of all the entrants the Monday or Tuesday after the challenge so be sure to come back and click on the link above to check everyone's candy corn creations.
I'm off to email this to Adele and do afternoon school pick up.

Happy Creating--

Every Inchie Monday--Texture

Every Inchie Monday    Texture

Yay, it's only Thursday, but Saturday night is Halloween and that will be a big night in our neighborhood.
As soon as I saw the word Texture for this weeks challenge I thought of the phrase "A Heart of Gold". The way I decided to bring this Inchie to life was with tiny gold micro beads and yes there are some silver ones mixed in, and some Art Glitter Glue. I'm still punching inchies out of the giant piece of watercolor paper that I practiced with several different colors of Brusho Crystals. I don't quite know how the silver beads got in there, probably from the last project I used them on, but so long ago now. I've slept since then and when the beads hit the glue I just left it.
People with hearts of gold are truly to be treasured, they are few and far between.
Click over and see what all the other entrants created with their Texture Inchies.

Happy Creating--

Sunday, October 25, 2015

i am the diva, CZT Weekly Challenge #240-Birthday Leaves

i am the diva, CZT    Weekly Challenge #240-Birthday Leaves

This last week Laura was inspired by her birthdays at her house with lots of playing in the leaves. Her husband was kind enough to provide the raking skills to keep lots of piles for jumping into. 
She said she used the Tints on Tan kit created by 2 CZTs Marty Deckel and Jenny Peruzzi. I loved the look of Laura's tile and searched and searched trying to find where I might get on of those kits and learn that technique also. But alas I finally gave up. If anyone sees this post and can point me to a link to get one of those kits I would appreciate it. However, as you can see I did not give up completely. I got out a piece of tan card stock stamped Stampin' Up Gently Falling line leaves in Ranger Archival Sepia ink then proceeded to use my Micron 01 and 05 Sepia and Dk. Brown pens with a white PrismaColor pencil for shading and some variation on the tangles Circus and Sail Away and I never can remember the name of the one on the small leaf.
With this tile and the cooler temps this weekend I ready for Fall to stay with us. 
I'm looking forward to the new challenges this next week not only in art but in life. 

Happy Creating--

"It's A String Thing" #115

Tickled To Tangle     "It's A String Thing" #115  

Tuesdays at Tickled To Tangle are called Good News Tuesdays because that's the day we can click over and get the String Adele has chosen for the challenge of the week. 
This last week she chose Tangle Patterns String 116 by: Sandy Hunter, CZT. To enter the challenge we have to email out finished tile to Adele by Saturday afternoon. As you can see this is Sunday afternoon and my tile did not get emailed but I'm posting it here anyway. That's just to let you know that if you click over to the Monday gallery that Adele posts of all the entries you'll know I'm not there just here. 
I liked the way this tile turned out. I used the 3 tangles Adele suggested: Fandance, Swarm, and Cruffle each with a little different variation. You can even see the string behind the tangles. When I got through tangling it looked like it needed something to sit on to I gave it a bit of floor. Sometimes we all need a bit of grounding or I do anyway.

Happy Creating--

Artful Creations #72-R

Artful Creations    Tackle It Tuesday Challenge #72-R

This last week sped by and now today we are starting a new week and the calendar is already filled each day with some fun school activities. I survived the Pumpkin Ring Toss Friday evening so my husband claims we will get this grandson through High School. He was on the side lines cheering me on Friday evening. 
We're up to the Letter R. This is my tile. I decided to do a monotangle using the tangle Rio. This tangle is kind of an optical illusion. If you look straight on you can see some circle X's, if you kind of tilt your head to the side you can see squares and diamond shapes. I again used a silver PrismaColor pencil to do the shading so it's very subtle. Only I can see the tiny bit of shine. 
Tuesday it will be time to tangle and "S".

Happy Creating--

The Bright Owl Zendala Challenge #113

The Bright Owl    Zendala #113

As soon as I saw this template I thought of the tangle Cootie, so staying in the Halloween spirit I used Cootie with some thick and thin lines on the bars and surrounded the outside with Sentry a tangle from the book Zentangle 12.
Donald ask me last time I used the Sentry tangle if these were a Coven or angry villagers. I went with the angry villagers thinking of the story Frankenstien. So I'll stick with that this time also.
I did my shading with a silver PrismaColor pencil so it was very subtle.

Happy Creating-

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Every Inchie Monday--Yogurt

Every Inchie Monday    Yogurt

Good Wednesday Morning--hope everyone's had their coffee this morning and are ready to start the day.
I've been mulling over the challenge at Every Inchie Monday since Sunday. A list of the challenges coming up are supplied on the left sidebar of the site. So over achievers can create ahead. However, this one has had me stumped. I know yogurt is supposed to be good for you, but yogurt and I are not friends. My Inchie is a kind of inside joke for all those who know me well. Not only am I allergic to strawberries (I get gigantic hives on my face) but yogurt blows me up like a beach ball. Not a pretty sight from any which way you look at it.
However, everybody else loves strawberries and yogurt so I used one of the pieces of my large sheet of watercolor paper that I played with Brusho Colour Crystals. The color looked like a yummy juicy strawberry to me. 
Now I'm off to enter at Every Inchie Monday and get ready for the rest of my day. Lunch Bunch with my husbands' family and after 3pm working on the 4th grade science project with my grandson that is due the 1st Friday of November. Oh, my November, it seemed like we were just talking about all the things we were going to be doing over the summer.

Happy Creating--

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Paper Players #267

I actually got a card made yesterday afternoon. I thought I would enter this challenge at The Paper Players. I used to play there back when I got to be in my studio much more often. Great bunch of gals and always a superb Design Team.
Instead of autumn leaves however, I this Christmas card using Stampin' Up Peaceful Wreath, Wonderful Wreath Framelits, and Boughs & Berries Embossing folder. I'm almost sure I have copied someone else's card sketch and probably everything else about this card because of looking at Pinterest so much. So credit wherever credit is due to all you artists who generously post your wonderful art and don't fuss at me for not being more creative on my own. 
I did forget to use the wax paper tip for cutting out the word Joy, but after the red debacle I liked the Brushed Gold card stock (Stampin' Up) with the little red drop shadow. I didn't want the boo boo going to waste.
I gold heat embossed the wreath and colored it with SU markers Cucumber Crush and Real Red, heat embossed the bow with Cherry Cobbler and dry embossed the white panel with the Boughs & Berries folder, popped up the wreath and bow. Viola, a great Christmas card which couldn't have been made so neat and tidy without the invention of Framelits. 
I think there is one more day to enter so click over and check out The Paper Players!

Happy Creating--

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Bright Owl Zendala Challenge #112

The Bright Owl    Zendala Dare #112 

I got Zentangle 12 by: Suzanne McNeill, CZT and Cindy Shepard,CZT this week. I thought I would have time to tangle the square and round templates that Erin gives us to print out, but I see this evening that's not going to happen so I'm going with what I've got.
As I was looking through the book I saw some tangles that were very Halloweenesk (probably not a word or spelled correctly). So staying in the Halloween mood, especially since we'll be carving pumpkins tomorrow I present you with: Monsterz, Face It, Condo, Sentry, and Betweed is in the center. That is a very popular tangle with a lot of tanglers. I thought about using color but decided just to stay pure with some shading. 

Happy Creating--

i am the diva, CZT Weekly Challenge #239

i am the diva, CZT    Weekly Challenge #239-"Munchin Play"

I found out some valuable information at the diva's challenge this week. Just as a lot of people I have struggled to find a white pen that would stay white after putting white pen to black paper. Laura says she doesn't like black tiles, but she gave a smashing tip: black gesso on white card stock. Viola, once the black gesso was dry the white gel pen stayed white and gave it some tooth for the pen to actually move without skips. 
Laura added the video of Molly Hollibough demoing the tangle Munchin for Sakura. That also was very helpful. I used a Sakura Jelly Roll pen, a black fine tip Sharpie, and a white PrismaColor pencil to do the white shading. 
I don't think I have used Muchin before, but it I have watching it demoed will put it on my to use more often list.
Thanks for visiting here this weekend. It's starting to become fall here so we're going to shop for pumpkins Sat. and do some carving.

Happy Creating--

It's A String Thing #114

Tickled To Tangle    "It's A String Thing" #114

Everything at the Tickled To Tangle challenge this week surrounds the number of the challenge 114.
The first picture above is the string we all started with this week. The tangles are: Ahh, Ta-Da, and Teenos. These were all new tangles to me. The string kind of disappeared in the tangling of this tile.
I will clearly need some practice on the Ta-Da tangle. 
For better or worse, this is my entry for this week. I like the little Teenos around the edge.

Happy Creating--

Artful Creations Challenge #71 "Q"

Artful Creations     Challenge #71-"Q"

I've been able to Zentangle among all the general living and finally this evening I was able to take pictures and now will be able to post and enter 4 challenges. 
I wish more people would be able to fit this challenge in their schedule. I missed last week so only 2 people entered.
The challenge is going through the alphabet and this week is "Q". I decided to do a monotangle with the tangle Qian-long by: Diane Tai,CZT. After I got it tangled and shaded it looked very crisp and clean so I decided to leave things alone.
The challenge begins each Tuesday so if you've got a few minutes in the next couple of days tangle a "Q" with one or more tangles beginning with "Q" and join in on the challenge.

Happy Creating--

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Every Inchie Monday KEY

Once upon a time there was a special key that could be found by almost anyone, but that someone had to believe that a magical universe could be opened by that key. 
This is always how great stories begin and it would most definitely have a happy ending.
The background for this key is one of the many squares I have punched out of a large piece of watercolor paper that I practiced on with my new Brusho Crystal Powders. The key is from my large stash of dodads.
I'm getting a slow start to this week, but maybe after lunch with Hubbys' family tomorrow I'll perk up.

Happy Creating --

Thursday, October 8, 2015

It's A String Thing #113

Tickled To Tangle    "It's A String Thing" #113

Adele has brought "National Noodle Day" to our attention. It was Oct. 6th. Who knew, I guess there is a day for everything, but who wouldn't want a whole day to chow down on noodles.
The string for this challenge is from Melodie Hampshire. However, I turned it 180 degrees. There are 3 tangles that we can use this time: Hollibaugh, 2 n 5, and Pots and Pans. 
The Pots and Pans look like a stack of bowls to me. 
I'm off to post this to Adele so if you've come over for a visit to check up on what I'm up to be sure to click on the link above to get the string and create a little something of your own or wait til Tuesday and Adele will post what everyone entered.
If you're not a Zentangler that's o.k. you can still be a creative soul with something. We all have our talents so--

Happy Creating--

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Bright Owl Zendala Dare #111

The Bright Owl     Zendala Dare #111-Halloween Theme

Above is the template Erin has given us to work with this week along with a Theme-Halloween.
I actually did the Zendala this week because after I cut it out I like to go around the edges with a black Sharpie so no white is showing. The pen slipped so under one of those curls around the outer edge is the Boo! Boo! Sorry just had to stay in the Halloween moment. 
After the curls went on the template pretty much screamed (Yes, I know more Halloween jargon) pumpkins, spider Web, which is actually a Tangle, and the little swirlys between the pumpkins is Label another Tangle. After completing the drawing out came the Copic markers again and orange, purple, and green are the finishing touches. 
Now all we have to do is get into our costumes, I was always a Gypsy because I loved the strings and strings of my Mom's fake pearls she let me wear. Oh, yes, we also had parties with bobbing for apples and at that time we lived in Kansas and all our friends had basements that were decorated as haunted houses. Those were the good old days.
Now start practicing your Howls and--

Happy Creating--

Every Inchie Monday--Lumberjack

Every Inchie Monday    Lumberjack

I have been contemplating this Inchie since I saw the prompt. There is a list on the left side of the posts with all the prompts for the year if you like to work ahead. 
The only thing that kept coming to my mind was the game of Jacks that I played as a kid. We had 12 little silver pointy things called the Jacks and a small ball. We threw the Jacks out on the sidewalk and each round we had to first throw the ball into the air above the Jacks and pick up one and catch the ball at the same time then 2 and the ball and so on and so forth til we got to the 12 and that was the challenge to get all 12 in your hand and the ball without dropping any of them. I just hit the highlights of the game. Maybe some of my contemporaries will remember also.
Which brings me back to this Inchie. A play on words, a stack of lumber with Jacks all around. "Lumberjacks"
One of the ladies who entered said there is actually a Lumberjack Day and her Inchie had pancakes on it. Pretty cool.
Click on the link above and check out all the Lumberjack Inchies.

Happy Creating--

Monday, October 5, 2015

i am the diva, CZT-Weekly Challenge #238:"UMT-Tri-Bee"

i am the diva, CZT    Weekly Challenge #238: "UMT-Tri-Bee by: Beate Winkler,CZT

The first Monday of each month is Use My Tangle at the diva's challenge site. This time around we're using the tangle Tri-Bee by: Beate Winkler, CZT, a friend of Laura's. 
When I looked at the step outs for this tangle it called out to me to be a chrysanthemum which also called for me to color it. Of course, the leaves are not a tangle but this would be considered a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) tile. 
After I drew the tangle and leaves I pulled out my Copic markers and one PrismaColor marker to begin the coloring and shading process. As with so many art things I know I'm a self taught artist. I have a lot of books and have watched a ton of YouTube videos and even taken a couple of online classes in Mixed Media, but as for in person classes it always seems something in my general living world takes persistence over my art world. So with all that said I'm not wonder woman with shading and the use of Copic markers this would be just what is pleasing to my eye. Hope it's pleasing to all your eyes also since I'm posting for the world to see.
I'm on my way to enter this tile and gloryoskey (a made up word) it's actually on the day the challenge started not sliding under the last minute wire. LOL
There's room for lots of entrants so click on the link above and join in the fun.
Thanks, Beate for a very versatile tangle.

Happy Creating--

Friday, October 2, 2015

Wicked Wednesday ATC Challenge Blog #178

Wicked Wednesday ATC Challenge    #178-Orange & Black

I'm back just in time to get in on the Halloween Craze. A Pumpkin Pie cardstock base, black card stock punched with an EK Success bat punch, some skelton stickers from last year, and Stampin' Up stamp set Fang-tastic for the words white heat embossed. Now that some creepy goodness, if I do say so myself. 
You've still got time to enter just click on the link above and make something Orange and Black on a 2.5' X 3.5" base. Presto, Changeo, you've got an ATC.

Happy Creating--

i am the diva, CZT Weekly Challenge #237

i am the diva, CZT     Weekly Challenge #237-Guest Post: Charlotte Carpentier

Laura our special diva got so many names to help her out over the summer so she could take a much deserved break that she has decided to let some of them Guest Post from time to time. Great Idea!
This week it is Charlotte Carpentier challenging us to use a stencil as a possible string. 
I had this 6" X 6" Stencil by Stencil Girl Products S106 Stegmiller on the side of my desk unopened. Great time to open the package and put it to art. 
I got out my Dylusions Postbox Red spray ink, gave it a spray, picked out the part of the paper I liked best and cut a 3.5" X 3.5" tile. I need to say these inks go a long way and activate very easily. I tried putting white dots different places and whiting the inside of the little hearts, but pretty much pink due to mixing with the ink. No matter to me on this one I liked the out come and didn't want to keep messing around and screw up a good thing.
At first I was keeping track of the tangles I was using but the went south as I got deeper into the process. I love the red, black, and white with just the few touches of pink. LOL

Happy Creating--

Every Inchie Monday--Hotel

Every Inchie Monday     Hotel

I'm back at Every Inchie Monday on Friday. 
Today I've got a hotel inchie for you or at least something of a signage to spark memories of days gone by. 
For my family the Holiday Inn was the closest we ever came to camping out. Yep, that was a big Ha!Ha! with our friends. My parents and grandparents were not big on tents. My Dad said he had had all the camping out he wanted from WWII, my Mom's Mom worked in her families cotton fields and cooked over camp fires for herself and other workers. She always had a garden, but she said that was the closest she wanted to get to camping. 
Our vacations were spent moving from one military base to another between my Dad's assignments. Now, when I married my husband, and gave birth to 2 strapping boys, my husband said, "oh boy now we can go camping and not at Holiday Inn." Well, my bubble was burst. I did get a couple of tee shirts out of it and lots of fun pictures, and new memories.
Click over with the link above to see what the other artists think about Hotels.

Happy Creating--

Artful Creations Letter O

Artful Creations    Letter "O"

I wish some of you guys and gals would click on the link above and check out Artful Creations. There have been 3 to 5 of us playing over there on semi consistent basis. The whooping cough has really cut into my creative endeavors. We're going through the alphabet right now. Gives you a chance to pick out some tangles you might never have used before.
 In this tile I have used Organza and Ovy. I have used Organza but not Ovy. No rulers in Zentangle so you can see my square is a little slanted, but you'd be amazed even if I had used a ruler it still might have been slanted. As a glass half full girl I guess I'm also on an up hill slope kinda gal also. LOL
Our grandson is turning 11 next week so we're looking at 3 parties for friends, family, and chums. General living on steroids.

Happy Creating--