Friday, October 2, 2015

Artful Creations Letter O

Artful Creations    Letter "O"

I wish some of you guys and gals would click on the link above and check out Artful Creations. There have been 3 to 5 of us playing over there on semi consistent basis. The whooping cough has really cut into my creative endeavors. We're going through the alphabet right now. Gives you a chance to pick out some tangles you might never have used before.
 In this tile I have used Organza and Ovy. I have used Organza but not Ovy. No rulers in Zentangle so you can see my square is a little slanted, but you'd be amazed even if I had used a ruler it still might have been slanted. As a glass half full girl I guess I'm also on an up hill slope kinda gal also. LOL
Our grandson is turning 11 next week so we're looking at 3 parties for friends, family, and chums. General living on steroids.

Happy Creating--


crotnem said...

Beverly I really like your tile. Thanks for playing w/us!!

The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

I love organza and I totally forgot about it! You have drawn such a pretty tile with it, it works really well with the other tangle pattern.