Friday, October 2, 2015

Every Inchie Monday--Hotel

Every Inchie Monday     Hotel

I'm back at Every Inchie Monday on Friday. 
Today I've got a hotel inchie for you or at least something of a signage to spark memories of days gone by. 
For my family the Holiday Inn was the closest we ever came to camping out. Yep, that was a big Ha!Ha! with our friends. My parents and grandparents were not big on tents. My Dad said he had had all the camping out he wanted from WWII, my Mom's Mom worked in her families cotton fields and cooked over camp fires for herself and other workers. She always had a garden, but she said that was the closest she wanted to get to camping. 
Our vacations were spent moving from one military base to another between my Dad's assignments. Now, when I married my husband, and gave birth to 2 strapping boys, my husband said, "oh boy now we can go camping and not at Holiday Inn." Well, my bubble was burst. I did get a couple of tee shirts out of it and lots of fun pictures, and new memories.
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freebird7100 said...

I have to say, my idea of camping and your idea are the same! LOL