Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Every Inchie Monday--Yogurt

Every Inchie Monday    Yogurt

Good Wednesday Morning--hope everyone's had their coffee this morning and are ready to start the day.
I've been mulling over the challenge at Every Inchie Monday since Sunday. A list of the challenges coming up are supplied on the left sidebar of the site. So over achievers can create ahead. However, this one has had me stumped. I know yogurt is supposed to be good for you, but yogurt and I are not friends. My Inchie is a kind of inside joke for all those who know me well. Not only am I allergic to strawberries (I get gigantic hives on my face) but yogurt blows me up like a beach ball. Not a pretty sight from any which way you look at it.
However, everybody else loves strawberries and yogurt so I used one of the pieces of my large sheet of watercolor paper that I played with Brusho Colour Crystals. The color looked like a yummy juicy strawberry to me. 
Now I'm off to enter at Every Inchie Monday and get ready for the rest of my day. Lunch Bunch with my husbands' family and after 3pm working on the 4th grade science project with my grandson that is due the 1st Friday of November. Oh, my November, it seemed like we were just talking about all the things we were going to be doing over the summer.

Happy Creating--


chrissie said...

What a shame about your allergies but your inchie idea is terrific

Love Chrissie xx

cstocks said...

Dear Beverly, love how you infused the Monday challenge with humor. SOrry to hear that you and all that don't get along well...Yes, November already?! It feels like it out today--60 and rainy in Phoenix! Have a brilliant day! c

freebird7100 said...

I love the irony of your inchie, great work.

WendyK said...

Oh dear fancy being allergic to strawberries and yoghurt, poor you. Great inchie idea though.