Thursday, October 8, 2015

It's A String Thing #113

Tickled To Tangle    "It's A String Thing" #113

Adele has brought "National Noodle Day" to our attention. It was Oct. 6th. Who knew, I guess there is a day for everything, but who wouldn't want a whole day to chow down on noodles.
The string for this challenge is from Melodie Hampshire. However, I turned it 180 degrees. There are 3 tangles that we can use this time: Hollibaugh, 2 n 5, and Pots and Pans. 
The Pots and Pans look like a stack of bowls to me. 
I'm off to post this to Adele so if you've come over for a visit to check up on what I'm up to be sure to click on the link above to get the string and create a little something of your own or wait til Tuesday and Adele will post what everyone entered.
If you're not a Zentangler that's o.k. you can still be a creative soul with something. We all have our talents so--

Happy Creating--

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