Sunday, October 25, 2015

"It's A String Thing" #115

Tickled To Tangle     "It's A String Thing" #115  

Tuesdays at Tickled To Tangle are called Good News Tuesdays because that's the day we can click over and get the String Adele has chosen for the challenge of the week. 
This last week she chose Tangle Patterns String 116 by: Sandy Hunter, CZT. To enter the challenge we have to email out finished tile to Adele by Saturday afternoon. As you can see this is Sunday afternoon and my tile did not get emailed but I'm posting it here anyway. That's just to let you know that if you click over to the Monday gallery that Adele posts of all the entries you'll know I'm not there just here. 
I liked the way this tile turned out. I used the 3 tangles Adele suggested: Fandance, Swarm, and Cruffle each with a little different variation. You can even see the string behind the tangles. When I got through tangling it looked like it needed something to sit on to I gave it a bit of floor. Sometimes we all need a bit of grounding or I do anyway.

Happy Creating--

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