Monday, November 16, 2015

Every Inchie Monday--Exotic

Today was a chilly rainy day here in N.TX. As I thought about the prompt Exotic for this weeks Inchie my mind wandered off to some exotic travels that are on my Bucket List. I ran across this tiny stamp from Close To My Heart from several years ago and a piece of my Brusho Crystal paper that brought the song "Sailing, Sailing over the Ocean Blue" to my ears. I'm sure the big sailing ships were a sight to behold and for the traverlers of that day the places they sailed to were very exotic.
Maybe this Inchie will get me back on track this evening and hopefully stay that way the rest of the week. 

Happy Creating--


freebird7100 said...

love the color and idea behind the inchie!

jeanchaneyaz said...

Sweet inchie. I wish I could go there too!

Kia said...

I love sailing ships - great inchie

WendyK said...

Great idea for your inchie. It would be lovely to go on an arty type cruise in your ship.

Trillian As said...

Love your inchie.