Tuesday, November 24, 2015

i am the diva, CZT Weekly Challenge #245

i am the diva, CZT    Weekly Challenge #245-Back to Basics-Hollibaugh

Laura has us going back to basics this week. Hollibaugh is one of the first tangles learned in Zentangle. If you're not familiar with Zentangle just click this link and you'll be amazed at the story behind this art form.
On this tile I've used a variation of Knightsbridge for the border, 2 little strings of Tipple amongst the Hollibaugh. 
I've also changed to Strathmore Bristol Smooth Surface 100 lb. paper. I feel like I got a smoother crisper image and I like the way the shading stump worked on this paper also. 
Hollibaugh has not been a favorite of mine but I really like the dramatic feel to this tile. 

Happy Creating--


Ulrike B. said...

beautiful tile, i love the contrast

jeanchaneyaz said...

This is just strikingly beautiful. I love that big swath across the center. The shading is so perfect that it just jumps off the page!

Anne's tangle blog said...

A very striking (and beautiful) tile.

Unknown said...

A lovely bold Hollibaugh. Love it! Axxx

Annette P. (aka LonettA) said...

Oh ... this is great! Very creative use of Hollibaugh!

The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

I like the bulging effect of the main Hollibaugh.

Jennifer Sparrow said...

So bold and yet so fluid! I agree with Yorkshire Tortoise--that bulging effect is great!