Thursday, December 31, 2015

Permission To Play Workshop Pages

A Colorful Journey    Permission To Play 5 lesson Workshop

This is my last post for year 2015. It's been a very interesting year. A rollercoaster ride, but upon reflection of years past in my life I think they all were. That would be from 1963 to 2015 today.
Onward and upward will be my words for 2016.
These are the 2 sides of my pages that will eventually be my finished journal for this Permission To Play workshop.
The next lesson will be paint and not sure what else, haven't looked ahead.
I had some old dictionary pages and some cut outs from magazines that have been begging to be used, mostly adverts.We'll see if I can make them interesting. 

Signing off for 2015---Happy New Year to all far and wide!!!!

Make some Art--

FB Square One: Purely Zentangle

These are two tiles I have created for the Facebook Group Square One: Purely Zentangle. The tangle forcused on until tomorrow is Trumpits.
When I saw the name of the tangle the first thought that came to my mind was Trumpet Flowers.
Obviously that's where this first tile went. The other tangles I used are: Aura-Leah, Barber Pole, Beadline, and some swirls, not sure if those have a Zen name.
After looking at so many of the other artists creations and not wanting to copy I decided to clear my mind and start with a string to go for a creation closer to the step outs of the Trumpit tangle.
I looked on the Tangle Patterns site for a string that caught my eye. It happened to be String #122 by Adele Bruno. I hand drew the string and used Trumpit and Cruffle with some shading. 
Thank you all for visiting and all the wonderful comments you give me.
Wishing everyone far and wide A Happy New Year!

Happy Creating--

Permission To Play Workshop

A Colorful Journey    Permission To Play Workshop

Today is the last day of 2015, just stating the obvious to myself. I signed up for Carolyn Dube's 5 lesson Permission to Play Workshop to try to give myself a jump start into 2016.
I've done a lot of Zentangle in 2015 because I can pick it up and put it down easily when general living calls out for attention. There's no drying time with it.
I tried to put the picture with the link to this workshop on the right side of my blog, but my techno cells aren't in gear yet today. If you click on the above it will take you to Carolyn's blog and you can find this workshop as well as some others she teaches.
She gave us this permission slip to print off and get some paint on to spur us on play. I will be putting it on the next to my calendar in my studio so as I glance up perusing what is on tap for the day and month to come I will be reminded to get some play in also.
I used cheap acrylic paints and some water to go for a rainbow effect. As I moved to the bottom right corner I forgot to let this area dry a bit and as Carolyn has said in another workshop she teaches there are colors that are just not friends unless you dry between applications. I need to learn to slow down. It seems when I get a paint brush with paint on it I think I need to hurry up and get all the colors on at once. I have all my cardboard pages cut and ready to gesso and add papers and ephermara to which is the next step in this workshop. I will be playing with those the rest of today so I can hopefully start out the New Year posting what I've accomplished so far and continue playing in my studio tomorrow.
I hope all you artists out there in blog land and beyond will give yourselves permission to play this year and create beautiful pieces of art. They are food for our souls. 

Happy New Year to all and I hope all your dreams and resolutions come to be the way you have dreamed them.

Happy Creating--

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tangle Gems-Zentangle Inspired

Tangle Gems--Zentangle Inspired Facebook Group

This is my first attempt at the new invention in the Zentangle community. ZenGems.
There are several tutorials on the Facebook Group that I joined to showcase artists art in this new form.
I chose to purchase Eni Oken's ebook: 3D Tangle: Shading Smooth Gemstones
I did not have all the exact tools that she used so I'm pretty pleased with how these gems came out. I will put the supplies that I used at the end of this post. There are quite a few people who have already done several pieces, saying how addicting it is to make these gems.
As I was getting supplies together and contemplating what I was going to create for my first attempt I was thinking about my December birthstone, Queen Elizabeth's Christmas speech, which led me to think about the crown jewels. I'm not saying my necklace comes anywhere near the crown jewels, buttttt--
1 3.5" X 3.5" Bristol Smooth Surface paper
1 .01 Micron Black pen
3 colors of blue Prismacolor pencils
1 white Prismacolor pencil
1 clear blender Prismacolor pencil
1 soft lead pencil for shading
1 blending stump or tortillion
1 soft brush to brush off crumbs from blending the Prismacolor pencils

Ok, I'm off to post on the Facebook group.
2016 is coming and in the New Year I hope to get in my studio to get back to making cards and some Mixed Media.
I have started Carolyn Dube's Permission to Play 5 lesson workshop. I have actually printed off the permission slip and sealed the printing, it's ready for color, which I plan on getting done tomorrow, then on to lesson 1 and 2.
Stay tuned I'm not making New Year's resolutions just going to try to make hopes come true.

Happy Creating--

Friday, December 25, 2015

Made by Joey #92

Made by Joey    Weekly Tangle Challenge #92-Present Template

Christmas Day has settled to a nice hum this evening so I have time to sit at my computer for a bit.
This week Joey gave us a nice present template to play with. I dithered around with the Christmas Trees last week I was really past the challenge deadline, but Joey's leaves the Linky's open for people like me. Thank You, Joey. 
I kept this template pretty pure. I do like to put a border around my tiles. After I had used Emingle, a little Jettie knot, and Jonqal tangles on this template I thought it needed something so I added lots of tiny pen tip dots.
I'm so glad I found Joey's blog. I've only been playing there for a few challenges, but I want to take this time to Thank Joey for all the time and effort she puts into maintaining a fun place for all of us to play.
We're now on the down hill slope to the New Year 2016. Hope everyones week is happy and whatever you all have planned to celebrate the New Year in please make it fun, safe, and happy.

Happy Creating--

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Artful Creations #80 Z

I'm dragging up the rear this week, but still steppin'. 
The last challenge here at Artful Creations for 2015. Z the last letter in the alphabet and I chose to use the tangle Zedbra with a squared aura and a little shading. 
Next year when Cheryl picks her new challenges for us I hope more of you find this site and join in.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever you say to wish people a happy season I do wish all of you a very Happy Start to a New Year 2016!!!!

Happy Creating--

Facebook Posts

Square One Purely Fun Zentangle Facebook Group---Hearts with Ixorus Variations

These are the two Zentangle groups I have joined on Facebook. I have been welcomed very warmly. 
The first tile is for the Purely Zentangle group, black and white only. The tangle for the week was Ixorus. I had never tried that tangle before so I kept my tile pretty simple. There have been so many beautiful tiles this week it's amazing still to me how each persons tiles are so different.
The second tile I posted in the Purely Fun Zentangle group, this group allows color and some quirky variations if you are so inclined. I thought if I put some hearts on the tile I could drum up a little more enthusiasm for the next 2 days. Maybe helped a little. 
Hope all of you whatever holiday you are celebrating or not are have a happy time.

Happy Creating--

Made By Joey Weekly Challenge #91

Made By Joey    Weekly Challenge #91

This was last week's challenge from Joey. I mulled it over to long and then went crazy making it a ZIA. I didn't get the hang of one of the tangles til the bottom of the right tree. I finally said, "it is what it is". Today I have a little bit of time in my studio so I've already printed out this weeks template. My plan for it is to keep it in more of a pure form. 
In this neck of the woods we get together with family on Christmas Eve and open presents and have some snacks together. My Grandmother started this tradition in our family. She always told us we were special enough for Santa to come to our house first so he could get to all the other special children before the end of Christmas Day. 
Off to get some more posts done before I'm called back to general living.

Happy Creating--

Every Inchie Monday Evolution

Every Inchie Monday     Evolution

Evolution? It depends on who you talk to about the subject. There is lots of debate.
My interpretation is as you see above: We look into the past and form opinions about what took 
place. Then we turn and try to look into the future to determine what might occur.
I personally like to try to learn from information I glean from the past and apply lessons learned to what might be going to happen in the future.
My Sons call that a being a control freak and trying to always be prepared for what might happen. They turned out to be more live in the minute guys.
One more Monday until we start working on 2016 Challenge list. 
Happy Holidays to all!

Happy Creating--

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Every Inchie Monday Locomotive

Every Inchie Monday     Locomotive
I started mulling this over on Sunday while I was posting art pieces from last week. What kept coming to mind was " The Little Engine That Could". I had a lot of Golden Books before kindergarten. If you know about Golden Books, those would be something from the good old days.LOL  I think "The Little Engine That Could" was a Golden Book. 
I intended to make the tracks on this Inchie going uphill, but the fact that I actually was able to draw this little engine on an Inchie and it be recognizable as what it is supposed to be is in the vein of the original story. I'm using my own words now, but when you think you can't go anymore or you seem like you are only going uphill, keep puffing (see the steam) and keep on chugging. 
I got out my Inktense pencils for the coloring and a water brush to blend. I have to tell you before I blew this up the blending looked a whole lot better. Keep chugging and Practicing, Practicing, Practicing.

Happy Creating--

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Square One: "Purely Zentangle"

Well, this week I figured out how to create the link to the Facebook Group page. About the time I catch up technologically everything will change.
I pulled out my official  Zentangle tiles that I had purchased when I first found Zentangle, yes, I've been hoarding them. Looks like I'm going to have to place an order with some of my Christmas money because I see there are a lot more things in their store than when I was there last.
The tangle is Wud and oh my goodness if you are able to see all the different variations that have been posted this week you will be totally amazed. While I was dithering everyone else was creating.
This is my entry with a little rope looking border. 
If you do Zentangle and Facebook this is a great group to be part of.
Got the Grandson down, off to bed myself, hoping to shake the dithers. Pledging to wake up chipper at 6am. Well, you see I didn't put chipper in caps. LOL

Happy Creating--

Tackle It Tuesday #79

Artful Creations     Tackle It Tuesday #79-Y

This week was the letter Y. I used the tangle Yuma for the Y and then an aura around it. The border I made up with a Y and a curl or swirl or a long sideways S. That's about how my week has gone a lot of dithering on my part. 
Next week is the last week of school before an almost 3 week Christmas vacation. Lots of activities planned this week and of course, the vacation will be taken up with lots of playing with all the goodies Santa brings.
Tuesday the letter will be Z. 

Happy Creating--

Made by Joey #90

Made by Joey     Weekly Tangle Challenge #90-Christmas Ornaments Template

A purist tile or color? A black and white beauty or colorful Christmas baubles?
Finally, I settled on the black and white of the original Zentangle concept. 
The left ornament is TA-SF and Betweed. The right ornament is Betweed, Knase, Florz, and Flukes.
After so much indecision I'm pretty pleased with the outcome of my efforts.
If you visit here tonight be sure to come back tomorrow afternoon and click the link to see the new weeks challenge.

Happy Creating--

i am the diva, CZT     Weekly Challenge #247-"UMT" African Artist by: Tina-Akua Hunziker,CZT

I started the week out with a Wham Bam then general living got in the way. Now, here I am on Sunday evening finally with some finished art.
1st up I've got a tile for the diva's challenge that you can find the link to above. 
I had never done the tangle African Artist before so I had to do a bit of practicing. I don't know that I really have gotten a good take on it yet, but here it is combined with Spinners, Ansu, and Yoga in a string of my own making. 
3 more posts to make because I don't like to clutter up one post with too many links.

Happy Creating--

Monday, December 7, 2015

Every Inchie Monday--Angel

Whoo Hoo-I actually got my Inchie done yesterday so I can actually post on Monday.
This Angel stamp is from a stamp set by See-D's. This is one of the first stamp sets I got when I first started stamping. 
I have stamped her on on of my squares punched out of the large sheet of watercolor paper that I practiced with Brusho Crystals. She is stamped with VersaMark ink and heat embossed with Stampin' Up gold embossing powder. 
A guardian angel looking down from Heaven soon to land on her assignments shoulder and begin whispering her protection encouragements.
Off to enter at Every Inchie Monday and check on some other challenges then off to do my school pick up.

Happy Creating--

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Square One Facebook Group-Drupe

Square One Facebook Group    Drupe

This is a first for me. I've had a Facebook account for quite a long time. I think of myself as a social person just not a social media person. However, my 95 year old MNL has been on Facebook for over a year now along with SNLs and other family members. They all love keeping up with each others lives, news, and other videos that pop up there. I really got my account to connect with art groups. 
I'm pretty late to the party but I've been following Jean Chaney,CZT, Tangle Street Studio and she is part of this group. It looked very intriguing to me because it is very purest Zentangle as in 3.5" square tiles, black and white, with shading. As much as I love color, the black and white graphic look to Zentangle is one of the things which drew me to Zentangle. I also liked the no mistakes mind set. 
I got accepted into the group this weekend and I'm going to try to post my tile of Drupe with a few Fireworks minus their auras. Even though there is only black, white, and some shading this tile still reminded me of Fireworks. 
We humans seem to need to see some concrete object in things we see around us. Maybe that's why it took abstract art so long to catch on.
I'm off to Facebook to give this a go. 

Happy Creating--

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Joey's Weekly Challenge #89 Zinger

Last letter of the Alphabet at Joey's challenge. She's already got something new up her sleeve for next week. I'll be on board to check it out. How about you?
I think of Zinger as small pods. I didn't want to just plop a bunch of Zingers on the middle of the tile, so this is really a ZIA. A small clump of Zingers that you might come up on in a field when you're out for a spring walk. I broke out my Copics for the color. I got a little bleeding with the Sharpie around the edges which is a mistake but I'm going to call it a feeling of breeze with clouds scudding across the sky. Some imagination, huh?
Off to enter, thanks for visiting and thanks for all your wonderful comments.

Happy Creating--

i am the diva, CZT Weekly Challenge #246

i am the diva, CZT    Weekly Challenge #246: "Guest Post: Monotangle Trees, Dilip Patel,CZT"

Well, I didn't read and remember the challenge title very well did I? I'm getting all wrapped up in the preparations for Christmas so I had a Christmas tree on my mind. 
I've got a small Zentangle book I got at Amazon. I couldn't find an author's name on it, but this idea came out of that book. 
I don't think you can see it in the pic, but I used some $ store glitter pens for tangles and some PrismaColor pencils for a little shading. There are a variety of tangles but just one tree so maybe Laura and Dilip won't X me off the entry list.
If you are not familiar with Dilip's art be sure to check out for more of Dilip's art. He's a very talented man. 
I'm off to enter, fingers crossed.

Happy Creating--

Tackle It Tuesday Challenge #78

Artful Creations      Tackle It Tuesday #78 X

We're at the letter X at Artful Creations. Two letters left to go. I wonder what Cheryl has up her sleeve for us next?
My X is a monotangle again with a little bit of shading. I am really loving the smoothness of this Bristol paper I've been using. I seem to get a crisper image which I like.
Hope you'll click on the link above and check out the Artful Creations site and even join in on the challenge.

Happy Creating--