Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Made By Joey Weekly Challenge #91

Made By Joey    Weekly Challenge #91

This was last week's challenge from Joey. I mulled it over to long and then went crazy making it a ZIA. I didn't get the hang of one of the tangles til the bottom of the right tree. I finally said, "it is what it is". Today I have a little bit of time in my studio so I've already printed out this weeks template. My plan for it is to keep it in more of a pure form. 
In this neck of the woods we get together with family on Christmas Eve and open presents and have some snacks together. My Grandmother started this tradition in our family. She always told us we were special enough for Santa to come to our house first so he could get to all the other special children before the end of Christmas Day. 
Off to get some more posts done before I'm called back to general living.

Happy Creating--

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