Thursday, December 31, 2015

Permission To Play Workshop Pages

A Colorful Journey    Permission To Play 5 lesson Workshop

This is my last post for year 2015. It's been a very interesting year. A rollercoaster ride, but upon reflection of years past in my life I think they all were. That would be from 1963 to 2015 today.
Onward and upward will be my words for 2016.
These are the 2 sides of my pages that will eventually be my finished journal for this Permission To Play workshop.
The next lesson will be paint and not sure what else, haven't looked ahead.
I had some old dictionary pages and some cut outs from magazines that have been begging to be used, mostly adverts.We'll see if I can make them interesting. 

Signing off for 2015---Happy New Year to all far and wide!!!!

Make some Art--

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