Sunday, December 6, 2015

Square One Facebook Group-Drupe

Square One Facebook Group    Drupe

This is a first for me. I've had a Facebook account for quite a long time. I think of myself as a social person just not a social media person. However, my 95 year old MNL has been on Facebook for over a year now along with SNLs and other family members. They all love keeping up with each others lives, news, and other videos that pop up there. I really got my account to connect with art groups. 
I'm pretty late to the party but I've been following Jean Chaney,CZT, Tangle Street Studio and she is part of this group. It looked very intriguing to me because it is very purest Zentangle as in 3.5" square tiles, black and white, with shading. As much as I love color, the black and white graphic look to Zentangle is one of the things which drew me to Zentangle. I also liked the no mistakes mind set. 
I got accepted into the group this weekend and I'm going to try to post my tile of Drupe with a few Fireworks minus their auras. Even though there is only black, white, and some shading this tile still reminded me of Fireworks. 
We humans seem to need to see some concrete object in things we see around us. Maybe that's why it took abstract art so long to catch on.
I'm off to Facebook to give this a go. 

Happy Creating--

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