Sunday, December 13, 2015

Square One: "Purely Zentangle"

Well, this week I figured out how to create the link to the Facebook Group page. About the time I catch up technologically everything will change.
I pulled out my official  Zentangle tiles that I had purchased when I first found Zentangle, yes, I've been hoarding them. Looks like I'm going to have to place an order with some of my Christmas money because I see there are a lot more things in their store than when I was there last.
The tangle is Wud and oh my goodness if you are able to see all the different variations that have been posted this week you will be totally amazed. While I was dithering everyone else was creating.
This is my entry with a little rope looking border. 
If you do Zentangle and Facebook this is a great group to be part of.
Got the Grandson down, off to bed myself, hoping to shake the dithers. Pledging to wake up chipper at 6am. Well, you see I didn't put chipper in caps. LOL

Happy Creating--

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