Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tackle It Tuesday Challenge #78

Artful Creations      Tackle It Tuesday #78 X

We're at the letter X at Artful Creations. Two letters left to go. I wonder what Cheryl has up her sleeve for us next?
My X is a monotangle again with a little bit of shading. I am really loving the smoothness of this Bristol paper I've been using. I seem to get a crisper image which I like.
Hope you'll click on the link above and check out the Artful Creations site and even join in on the challenge.

Happy Creating--

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The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

Another well drawn XYP, I know it is quite complicated to draw and it is perfect for an X string. We just have Y and Z to go and then new challenges, exciting. Glad you have joined us at Cheryl's Place these last few times, we don't get many challengers here for some reason.